Saturday, 21 June 2014

Rain Rain Lovely Rain!!!

Its such a beautiful day out there,
And I wonder what I'm doing in front of the system!
All those rain drops out there waiting for me
To fill me with that sweet chillness and Big Love!
That Love of God which is felt in those drops from Heaven
Just can't wait to get Drenched in that beautiful , Holy drops!
Dear Rain O Rain, Here I come for U,
Please wait until I complete this blog,
And now Here I come,
Shower me with your Mighty Love,
Come with a Force a force so fierce
That will Cleanse & Rejuvenate each one of my cells,
Filling them with more Unconditional Love And Energy for the days to come!!!

Love Karthi <3

Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Never ever try to Convince others :)

If ur sure of who u are, just be it.
Always Remember U r Responsible for ur own Decisions
& U r not Answerable to anybody.
For heaven's sake, Life is not a race
So, Think less & Feel more
Stop Reacting & Start Responding.
Love Unconditionally, & Always stand up for ur Rights, ur wants, for urself.
Love, Live & Learn .

I Love myself :)

I am Accepted for just who I am, I love being just who I am, I love Living even though I'm crazy a hell lot of times, I love Meditating , it gets me closer to myself, I Love Life, it always has something new :)

Thakka Thaiya - Alex Pandian

Wonder how I didn't come by this song all these days!!!
Its Wonderful, Loving  Listening  to this Song :)

Tuesday, 22 April 2014

My BasketBall Buddies :) The Best Ever !!!

After 4 long years in my School BasketBall ground, with my Favourite team ever :)
Early morning Boarding the Bus to my school at 6 am,
At the court 7 am,
Doing some warm ups, now here I am ready for my Favorite game ever,
Wow, after 4 long years, the Game feels new as ever,
Most Baskets getting converted, great Affence & defence,
Same Mass Fun, Same Mass feel, Same Mass corrections from our Dearest coach,
Wonderful Gaming, Except for the thing that happened at the end of the Game!
Jack n Jill went up the Hill
To fetch a pail of water,
Jack fell down n Broke his crown
Jill came tumbling after !!!
I am Jack & my friends are Jill
Oh Yes, I fell down before the last Basket in a Drive through & sprained my ankle.
Immediately my ankle got swollen like a balloon & then the most beautiful things happened,
my friends, one on both sides, lifted me up, got the ice cubes from the canteen & gave me all the 1st aid needed, carried me all the way to lie down on the bench, consoling my swollen ankle with more ice from the canteen & with some heel toe Exercises, & getting  a bike inside the school with our PT teacher's recommendation & dropping me at my aunt's place all the way! Man How lucky I am!!!
I'm glad I fell down or I would have missed all that Love from my Friends :)
Love U Guys Always, just the way , U guys are the Best Buddies Ever :)

Saturday, 19 April 2014

Hey me, I am a B.E. Holder ;)

Last Examination
Last day in College
Last day with my Gang
Hmm Hmm, so here it goes,
No more of those Examinations,
Or any of those Preparations!
Chat with Friends,
About the Changing Trends,
Siting our Crush :P
Making us Blush!
OMG, those days are gone,
So wat , worries are None :)
Fresh days to come,
A new Role to Play,
Enjoy those too,
And have all the Fun :D
Cause Life is to enjoy ,
Live every minute,
Love Love Love :)

Monday, 14 April 2014

Frozen Songs!!!

Oh! I just don't know why, but I'm so much in Love with Olaf!!

His carroty nose & his Innocent song on Summer & the way he expresses it is just sooooooooo cuuuuuteeeeee !!!
Dedicating Olaf's Song to Olaf ,
Bees'll buzz, kids'll blow dandelion fuzz
And I'll be doing whatever snow does
In summer
A drink in my hand, my snow up against the burning sand
Prob'ly getting gorgeously tanned
In summer

I'll finally see a summer breeze blow away a winter storm
And find out what happens to solid water when it gets warm
And I can't wait to see what my buddies all think of me
Just imagine how much cooler I'll be
In summer

Da da, da doo, ah, bah, bah, bah, bah, bah, boo
The hot and the cold are both so intense
Put 'em together, it just makes sense
Ratdadat, dadadadoo
Winter's a good time to stay in and cuddle
But put me in summer and I'll be a happy snowman

When life gets rough I like to hold onto my dreams
Of relaxing in the summer sun, just letting off steam
Oh, the sky will be blue, and you guys'll be there too
When I finally do what frozen things do
In summer
In summer!

Oh Olaf ur such a Dandy !!! <3 

Sunday, 13 April 2014

Festivity :)

Iniya Tamizh Puthandu Nalvaazhthukkal :)

Let the year to come be Blessed :)

Thursday, 10 April 2014

To the Mango tree next door!!!

Summer is ON,
Winter is gone,
And the next door Mango tree is beaming alive with all its fruits once again,
Oh dear Mango tree,
Every year I see
You growing up & bearing all those ripe mangoes;

I shake your branches for fruits,
You are firmly grounded in your roots,
And that stick with the nail,
Right on your branch!
One pull, and down goes the Fruit.
One thud on the Ground,
With tup & all that Sound!

My dad, bro, uncle, sis & I
Waiting for this time of the year
To get together & Tease you,
To grant us your wishes of Ripe & sweet mangoes.

You grow up so far,
Your mangoes are never Sour.
Your such a companion to me,
Hope you will forever be. 

Dear Mango tree,
Growing next door upto our terrace,
Thank you for all the fruits you bear,
We give our neighbours an equal share,
So this year show me what you've got baby ;)
Love you for all that you are :D


Sunday, 6 April 2014

Thank You Universe, Thank You God for such a Wonderful Day :)

Speaking of today, I don't know where to begin??? It was such a gr8 day in my Life. From beginning till end, I am bubbling with Happiness out here, & my Happiness knows no Bounds.
Today was the Belt Issue function in my Kungfu class. Moving over from Yellow to Orange belt!!! Wow!!! That's so cool, my next step in Kungfu. We enter Orange belt, we could begin with weapons, something I've been waiting for a long time, Also snake lesson !!! OMG , Bless the Days to come, let them be awesome & Lovely filled with Love, Happiness & Life.
Going over to today,
First I had my Taichi classes in the morning at 11, we had to practice for the evening's performance & it was so funny when we had no co-ordination & Master corrected our mistakes. We really had so much fun preparing for that performance. Thank you so much Master for correcting us & helping us give such a good performance. The applauds sure go to you, the efforts to us ;)
4 pm, reached class, & we had a lot of work, like arranging the chairs, blowing the balloons, I learnt to tie the balloon without a thread, Thanks to Guna senior for that, then got ready for the function.
5 pm, The function started by 5.30 & the performances given by each one of the Students was Excellent, Efforts of so many days, put together & the fruits they bore was Excellent. The efforts felt worth it. Each one of you guys was awesome, Bless you all.
Then it was so much Fun, performing that event on Self Defense, it was such a gr8 composition by Anil Master, Thank you Master for that, I really enjoyed practicing that script with my Seniors, it was awesome, I'm sorry I hit you guys a little hard :P OMG, the applauds we got for that event ! Cool, really cool.
Then the Taichi performance, I was really shivering, but we synced so well, & Anil Master said that we did well!! OMG, I doing Taichi well, hearing it for the 1st time, made me soooo glad :D
And finally the Belt distributions, standing with that plate to distribute the belts was quite a girly girly experience, I've seen that being done in my college functions, it was really fun to be a part of that Experience & I really loved & enjoyed that part 2 :)
And to get that Orange belt, Yellow to Orange :) Wow what a Glad moment.
But what's more, MY PARENTS spoke about me!!! They spoke about how I made through my Depression, how I've crossed over the pain, how my Kungfu class has helped me come out my pains & made me a really Stable person, more than Every thing else, this is what MADE MY DAY :) :D MY PARENT'S LOVE, THAT'S THE BIGGEST BLESSING IN MY LIFE TO ME & I'M SO GLAD ABOUT BEING WHO I AM & OF BEING MY PARENT'S CHILD. What ever my Destination is, my Parent's Love for my sister & me would never change. They are such a Blessing to us :) I'm glad the day ended the way it has, it was such an Emotional Experience for me, & I loved every minute of it. After all these events I played Ball with Srijith, my Master's cute kid. He too made my day.
Thank you each one of you guys , you guys made my day & it was so amazing being a part of such a gr8 event. Thanks so much to the Almighty for granting me such gr8 Blessings. I feel Blessed. I feel Lovely, Happy & my Happiness knows no Bounds. Lovely Day :)

Gr8 Day :)

Friday, 4 April 2014

The World is really full of Beautiful people !!!

Began the day with Hakuna Matata , thanks to Timon & Pumba for that song. And the Day went gr8, Still going gr8 :D
Our project review was today, a Result of 2 months Interesting Hardwork. Going back & forth to Nagman Instrumentation & traveling a lot, doing our own circuits, waiting eagerly for the output, sometimes even getitng pissed out, but Thanks a lot to Jagadeesh anna who guided us so well all through the circutry part & Thank u so much Ilavarasu uncle for getting the concepts into our heads. Thanks to Sathish uncle for the Programming part & also to Alvin anna for being supportive. First & foremost Thank u Magesh mama for directing me to Sangeetha akka & Thank u Sangeetha akka for getting us this Gr8 Opportunity. I'm all full of Gratitude for today. 2 months, going back & forth & spending all that time with that circuit, with all the fights between us friends, a lot of Dispositions in our attitudes, a lot of co-operative efforts, thanks to Moni, & Jeeva for being such a pillar of support to me & bearing my crazy moods, Thanks to myself for being an organized person & bearing with Jeeva's moods, Thanks to moni for being the ever supportive Happy-go-lucky-attitudinal person who has always been the pillar of strength to me at all , all thru my years at Panimalar. We guys made it :) :D
Moving over to my college staffs, Thank u so much HOD sir, I think we are really lucky to have such a gr8 person as our HOD, thanks for all that help & especially for correcting my attitudes & making me Stabler. Thanks to Arul anna for helping us carry our Instrument. Its all U people who made my Day 'Hakuna Matata' ;) :D
And then to my amazement, its like the whole world has changed so Wonderfully well all of a sudden. From Shopkeepers to Automen, Everybody!!! All of a sudden !!! The World is full of Gratitude & good, gr8 people. I'm loving every minute of my Life. This is so gr8, so gorgeous :D Thanks to the Good Lord for every bit of my Life. I love this Drama, Exactly the way it is :)

Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Happy April Fool's Day :)

           4 years back on this same day, my Best & I had a gr8 fight! Never in my life have I given up & apologized for a fight. That 1st time, even though the fault was not on me , she was my Best friend & I just let go, I apologized. And that donkey, making me sad for hours & finally telling me, "Happy April Fool's Day, I was just pretending", Idiot. I wonder how I didn't figure that out !

Since then, April 1st has been a memorable day for me. Today, I was fooled by 2 small kids, on my way back home with my cycle, 2 small school kids, "Akka look there somebody is calling u ", 7 I turned to see who that was :P "April Fool", that's what they said. Thanks to those kids for putting a Smile on  my face, it was a pretty Stressful day & I sure needed that.

Happy Fool's Day :) Its never bad to be a fool with those whom u love :P

Sunday, 23 March 2014

I can do this stuff :D

The only person u have to be Truthful to in the whole world is "u ".

The only person I have to be Truthful in this world is "me" :)

Friday, 21 March 2014

Thursday, 20 March 2014

My new Purse, Perhaps my 1st Purse ;)

This is the 1st time I'm gonna use a Purse!!! I usually don't use purses, only Wallets, cause they are more convenient & handy to use & purses generally seemed too sissy to me. This is the 1st time I'm gonna use a purse.
This Purse is a gift to me from my bro. Thanks bro :) Its really cool. I've decorated the purse with all the stickers possible. And every time I see it, it looks beautiful , even better than the last time I saw it. Full of BasketBall stickers & Smileys.
Have a look :P

                                                     Lovely Purse, Thank u so much bro :)

The material is also really kinda awesome. It suits my needs & I think purses are not that bad to use, especially when they are designed with Stickers ;)

Awesome Day :)

                Today I had my Robotics Model Exam. For the 1st time, I tried writing with my eyes closed!!
And to my utter amazement , the hand-writing came out so well!! Even better than writing with open eyes! It was so much fun trying to visualize with closed eyes & writing & even drawing flowcharts. I loved it.

And back home, I'm Blessed :) Starting from my lunch till dinner, all my favourite stuffs, one by one.
The lunch Tomoto rice made in briyani manner with egg & Pachidi, den grapes, chocolates ( Toblorones Fruit & nut - thanks to my bro for that ), followed by puffs (my mom is so amazing) , & both my dad & mom had bought groundnuts! Mom boiled the groundnuts just the way I like them & they were amazing!!!
Just the water & salt content , just the way I love it :)

And finally, Yellow Melon, OMG  I forgot the watermelon inbetween, that was amazing 2 :D
Yeah, coming to the yellow melon, just the best thing for summer. chilled yellow melon served in a beautiful bowl.Just the way I like. Wow what a day, One of the Best days ever, Heavenly :)

                                                              Cute Bowl, Very Pretty
The very bowl itself makes me Happy :)

My mom is again calling me to eat, I don't think I could stuff in any more, but gonna try something light ;)
Have a Happy Night :)

Monday, 17 March 2014

My Sweet Athai's Sweetest Jamuns :)

I wonder how she does it!!! Its amazing. The taste of it, the Texture, the sweetness, hmmmmmm... Finger licking!!!
My athai's Gulab Jamuns :) I can keep stuffing more & more of it & I'm never tired of it :) I just love it:D

Thank u so much for this gift :) I'm still licking my fingers ;) I'm sure I'm gonna learn some day how to make jamuns so wonderfully well from u athai , be prepared ;)

Thursday, 13 March 2014

Happy Birthday Mom :)

My 1st try Baking a cake for my mom :) I didn't really Xpect it to come out so well. It was so much fun going through the process!
I didn't really Xpect cooking could give me so much fun ! I really Enjoyed the Experience !
And the way the cake came out!!
In my mindvoice, "Karthi unakulla ivlo Talent ah ;)"
I'm sure all my friends & relatives would really be shocked when they hear this news!
I baking a cake!
Its really a surprise to me 2 :)
I'm really thankful for the way it had come :)

A pic of my baked cake :)

I wish my mom loves it !!!
Thanks to Youtube for the guidance I received :)

Wednesday, 12 March 2014

BasketBall (Love u a lot Baby)

Dear Universe,
One of the Best games I've ever played in my Life . The years spent on the court with the Ball in my hand & with my team mates around me, the Bestest part of my life. I've cursed myself many times for not becoming a state level player, for missing the opportunity due to panic exactly at the spot when I had to take a layup, for missing that opportunity to go up one level in the Game that I loved.
That pain just lingers in my heart & there isn't a day I forget to think about the game! I have no idea what made me so close to it. Maybe I did not make it to the States, but still I loved every moment spent on the court, I loved every lesson the Practice sessions & the tournament taught me. When I think of those moments there is still a lot of pain in my heart, still a big blockage, still a repent for the Opportunity I missed, I want to change all that this moment.
Even though I missed a Big opportunity I'm still thankful to the Lord above for giving me the opportunity to be who I am.
I accept myself with all my failures.
I forgive myself completely for missing the opportunity.
I'm not punishing myself for the bad times anymore.
Nevertheless, I accept the fact that I love the game, I loved the feel I used to have when on the court. Just this minute, I'm thankful that the game has passed by me.
I was not born with the game, neither am I gonna die with it. I am I with or without the game & I accept that Truth from the bottom of my heart.
Thanks a lot to the Universe for listening.

Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Photoshoot :) :) :)

Tomo's our Photoshoot. Really Excited about wearing a Saree , OMG wonder how we are all gonna look!!!
Its gonna be full of Photoshooting & tomo is gonna be our day , full of fun, full of Excitement & full of Smiles & joking, Love & laughs, & each one of us our gonna be Princesses of our own !
Overall I'm sure its gonna be a Mass Fun :D

Saturday, 8 March 2014


To all the Dearest of the Dears, to all the most beautiful woman who are beautiful on the inner side,
Wish u all a Very Happy Woman's Day :)
Today is a day to cherish & be proud that we have been created by God as woman :)
Like Subramaniya Bharthiyar had said,
" Mangaiyaraga Pirapadarku Nalla Madhavam Seithida Vendumada "
As a small girl, I've always been a hyper-active person & have always wanted to be a boy. Sometimes I've even felt irritated to be a girl. Especially when we are continuously warned to be careful & over protective! Sometimes its like, "OMG whats there in us, why r v watched like v r gonna be eaten by some people. Don't such people have sense! Oh! How I wish I was a boy!"
I've heard this voice in my mind many times! Then finally one day I questioned my Kungfu Master,
Me: Master, Why the hell had God created me to be a woman, I'm fed up with it!
Master: U must be ashamed of urself to post such a question. Being a woman is such a privilege. There are many men who are brave, but there is only 1 Jhansi Rani. God creates each one for who they are for a reason. To fulfill a destined purpose on Earth. Be Thankful for who u r.
That day changed my thought of being regretful about being a woman. I realized how I had wasted my years by not being thankful for who I am. From then on, I've always been grateful & have started seeing the advantages of being a woman. I've started accepting myself for who I am :)
Now a days, there are many threats being posed on women. Rapes, Molestations. Its been going on for years. Many of us have felt pity for the victims. But what actions have we taken to overcome this situation. We don't all have to become great warriors. But there is no use being afraid & crying anymore. Its time for us to come out of our cosy places & stand up with guts & change the society's point of view on women.
There are so many ways by which we can change this fixed dimension of thinking.
MARTIAL ARTS  & SELF DEFENCE coursed are one of the Best ways. 
We don't all have to be Jackie Chans to defend ourselves from people who attack us. We just have to be calm & Ready to face such a situation & overcome it with pride teaching the crap of the man with such bullshit ideas that we are no longer going to be their victims, that we are capable of standing for our own selves & also for those around us & make this society a place which is safe & calm to live in.
So all the woman out there, lets all take a Resolution on this Woman's Day, That this society has to change its narrow minded view on woman being tender & weaker sex & easily taken advantage of. Its no longer going to happen. Woman have equal freedom as much as men do. We have the right to walk freely on the road without crap thoughts & be fearless & happy to be Respected as a woman as much as men walk with freedom.

Women who are interested in making their life better & to start living a Happy & Fear free life are welcome to join me on ,

Wish u all a Happy & Freedom filled Life in the years to come :)

Friday, 7 March 2014

A good quote to be followed :)


My Recent Paintings :)

Loved painting each one of these :) Thank u God for giving me the time to do one of my favourite act :)

Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Every Day is an Adventure :) ;) :D Lucky me :D

The world is filled with Life & so am I :) Yet another day filled with Love & adventure :)
Having my Internal exams, Got ready usual timing only, but I'm gonna cross the road & my bus just passed me! Last bus for my stopping. Gone it is :( Missed my College Bus! Thank God, had my Breakfast.
What shall I do???
MTC dan!!!
Kaila nil amt!
veetuku poitu vara mudiyadhu!!!
Thank God pakathula therinja thatha irukanga, Thatha pethiku 30Rs kadan pls. Nalla vela , thatha irundaru, got a 30Rs from him & took a share auto to Porur.
20Rs left!
Gotta reach College!
Thinking of a way!!!
Kadavul attum SVCE bus. Driver anna nan avanga college ponnuntu ninaichu pathar. Nanum pathan. Ok, On the way danantu yeriten. Yeritu,
Nan,  "Anna Panimalar college na",
Avaru, "Yenma Bus varala?"
Nan, "Late ayiduchu na"
Avaru, "Paravalama ukkaru"
Deivame, I felt really lucky!!! Thank God, if not for him I would not have been able to attend my exam on time today!
Thanks to his big heart, I was able to reach my college on time.
Reached College, Studied nothing!!!
10 mins left for the Exam.
I knew only 2 theory & 2 problems.
Next on my Thank u list, Varthini, my class friend :)
2 marks yellathuyum apdiye oru browse, mre 2 problems stuffing into my brains.
Here goes the exam bell ,Trrrrrrrriiiiiiiiiiiinnnggggggggggggggg !!!
Thanks a lot Varthini, because of u I'm sure I'm gonna score well today :)
Entered the exam hall, starting with 2 marks! Attended 8 2marks perfectly. Fulla ukandhu padichirindha kuda ivla nalla ezhudirupanantu theriyala!!! Problems kum solution apdiye takku takkuntu aruvi yattum varudhu! OMG! Its a medical miracle!
Finished my Paper by 10. More 1 hour 15 mins left! Awesome exam! Had so much fun writing it :)
Overall it was a Great day :) Thanks so much to all who helped me today :) Love u all :)

Monday, 3 March 2014

FREEDOM : The Product of TamilNadu Prison

             FREEDOM : Every body has an urge for freedom in their lives. To stand on their own legs, to do what they feel, what makes them Happy. To Love , to Live, to overcome their regrets, to change their Identity.
FREEDOM : The Products of Tamilnadu Prison, the prisoners as of now which is their identity, are trained to make products of their own , Starting from food products such as snack items to chudidhars, dresses & more. This is such an honorable deed, cause people go to prison for rejuvenation, for correcting their deeds, but when they come out the society sees them as a taboo, this FREEDOM is an opportunity to change their identity. So, when they are released, they could start a business on a small scale of their own. This gives them the strength to move on in life & prevents them from going on the wrong track & gives them a good Identity in the Society. Hats off to the Officers of the prison who are responsible for such an idea. This is such an Encouragement to the prisoners, this gives them an Opportunity to re-write their life in a better & beautiful way & make a person out of themselves once again.

Samples of FREEDOM products

So People, lets Encourage these people, & help them live better.
All the Best to the Puzhal Prison for this new journey.

Friday, 28 February 2014

Sometimes too much Happiness Becomes Boring :P

I just realized too much of Happiness also can sometimes become boring. Its because we have so much of Happiness that when something starts going wrong we begin to feel sad. When we are prepared for both with an open heart. both will seem simple & easier to Face. That is why maybe Life Balances us with both Happy & Sad moments side by side.

I am Blessed :)

Dear God my Heavenly Father,
                                             Whatever I went thru today, has been beyond my Expectations & Real Blessings I could Treasure a Lifetime. Its been a gr8 day :) From the time I woke up till now, every single second has been a Blessing , I feel really Thankful for this day :) Everyday is not gonna be today, Just because I've had so much fun today, doesn't mean I'm not gonna have hard situations to face in Life anymore. It just means that ur gonna be with me thru all of it & give me the Strength to face those moments as much as u've been there with me in my Happy moments. I love this Second of my Life, I treasure it & I know ur always there for me even if the Whole world Lets me down :)

Talkin to my fears!!

Hey Fear,
              I'm tired of Running away from u. Look! I've chosen to Be BRAVE. I'm not gonna run away from u anymore. I've CHOSEN TO FACE U. If u have Enough guts , come in front of me. I'm sure I'm gonna Knock u down. Negative fears , u have no rights to be in my Heart anymore. As for Positive fears, u guys help me grow & be on the Right track, I'm gonna take hold of u guys & use u in the Right way.
So common, The Game is ON ;)

Enjoying my Day with my Dad :D

           Wow, after so many years, I've got an whole day to spend with my dad :) :) :)
I'm really enjoying every minute of it. I'm Torturing him , combing his hair, keeping spikes for him, making Fun of whatever he speaks ;) OMG, dis Happiness is Priceless & beyond Words :D I'm Loving every second of it. Thanks to the Gods for giving me such a Priceless moment with my Dad :)
Happy Day Everybody :)

Kalam innum Nalla Kalamdam ;)

Tired from my mrn practice , I got ready for my Kungfu classes at 6 pm, had left my cycle on the platform outside my house thinking for sure I'd be going for my class!Since I felt very tired I fell asleep forgot everything else & just got up for dinner & slept again.
My Dad asking for my cycle key, "Its on my table pa", & again rolling on the sofa. My dad, suddenly, shocked coming & telling me, "ur cycle is not in the house!" Just coming to my memory, "OMG, I left it on the platform outside last evening, irukumantu vera theriyalaye! ayyaiyo!", Ezhundu ore odu, vella poi pakaran, Platformla Cycle ah kanum! Mindvoice, "Sethan, appa avladan, iniku Deepavalli dana! Pochu po", apdiye opposite side oru look! Ethir platform la patha en cycle, andha Cycle ah vanguna naala vida innum solla mudiyadha oru Sandosham :D "Happada, Appa kitendhu Escape ah, Super, yaru andha mavarasano, Nalla Irukatum",Seriously, when people are so careful they tend to lose things. But me inspite of being careless, I'm really lucky to have not lost my cycle! Whoever kept my cycle with so much care on a safe end of the road without letting it be lost, I'm really Grateful from the bottom of my Heart for such a wonderful Blessing in disguise to me. Whoever u r, God Bless ur Soul. Thank u so Much .

Wednesday, 26 February 2014

To Parents & Teachers & all Elders.

Dearest Parents, Teachers & all Elders, 
Sometimes I just wonder, When i was a Child I had no Restrictions! Anything & Everything I was ready to do & Move on. But at some point, I just started feeling this pain in my Heart, the feeling of fear. Cause When I did things with so much Enthusiasm, most times I was hurt. And I have no idea y I took things so personally, but still, don't do this, don't do that, wait a minute! Just because I'm small & just because ur physically Big does it mean Everything u say has to be Accepted!!! U guys were once small too!!! How could u guys forget the way u came from. How could u guys forget the Source!!
U don't do a thing cause u know why not to do it, if that is so, y don't u guys guide us & explain & make us see the point & stand up for our own selves & make a decision rather than just holding on to ur points which is being pretty meaningless to us. We are not disrespecting u guys, we just need a purpose, we just need  a reason, just to figure out things for our own selves rather than following things blindly. Cause we are Humans. Just because a Machine listens to u without Questioning u , doesn't mean we r gonna be the same.
Take one step towards us with Love, we have more than enough Gratitude in our hearts to Express than u guys could ever Imagine.

Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Pannaiyarum Padminiyum ;)

                First & foremost I would like to thank the whole crew for giving such a good movie. After a very long time, I really feel Happy & Good after watching a movie. The film is a mixture of everything, It has so much of Love in it!! All dealing with such subtle Human feelings!

 Especially the Love between the two Elderly people, so prettily expressed, so Beautifully expressed, So lovingly Expressed. The Love is Expressed in Such a way that we could just feel the Beauty & Purity of it Tremendously. Wonderful Acting. Everything is so natural & Realistic.
 There is not a Single fake thing I feel about the film, Every bit of it is so human & Realistic.
Its such a Wonder for such a movie to have been taken at this point of time when most films are so unnatural, this film is a very Genuine movie which has given a lot of meaning to the film Industry, & I feel Lucky to have watched this movie.
There was fun, Comedy, Emotions, Romance, Silly & Cute fights, Subtle & Real Heroism, Love beyond Lust.
Overall this movie has made my Day. I feel Lucky, Happy & content & complete with a Movie after a Long time. Thank u Crew for Producing One of the Best Movies .

Unakaga pirandene Enadazhaga!!!

A very nice, & subtle, cute Love Song. Very Pleasant to Hear & the Romance is shown beautifully in a very very cute manner. Its just so pure & Lovely to see the song. Even if we grow up, there is no limit to showing love & especially when both of them play small tricks on each other just like kids its so damn Cute to watch it!!! Loved every moment of the Song. A Wonderful Watch :D Thanks to the Movie crew for such a Wonderful Song :)

Monday, 17 February 2014

Fav verses & Rhymes

Love is not Love which alters when it alteration finds :)
                                                             - Shakespeare

Row Row Row ur boat
Gently down the Stream
Merrily Merrily Merrily Merrily
Life is but a Dream.

Rock-a-bye baby, in the treetop
When the wind blows, the cradle will rock

When the bough breaks, the cradle will fall
And Mother will catch u, cradle and all

Baby is drowsing, cozy and fair
Mother sits near, in her rocking chair
Forward and back, the cradle she swings
And though baby sleeps, he hears what she sings

 From the high rooftops, down to the sea
No one's as dear, as baby to me
Wee little fingers, eyes wide and bright
Now sound asleep, until morning light.

A fool thinks himself to be wise, but a wise man knows himself to be a fool.
A fool thinks himself to be wise,
but a wise man knows himself to be a fool ;) 
                                                       William Shakespeare

If u prick us do we not bleed?
If u tickle us do we not laugh?
If u poison us do we not die?
And if u wrong us shall we not Revenge?

The Quality of Mercy

The quality of mercy is not strain'd.
It droppeth as the gentle rain from heaven
Upon the place beneath. It is twice blest:
It blesseth him that gives, and him that takes.
'Tis mightiest in the mightiest; it becomes
The throned monarch better than his crown.
His scepter shows the force of temporal power,
The attribute to awe and majesty,
Wherein doth sit the dread and fear of kings;
But mercy is above this sceptered sway;
It is enthroned in the heart of kings;
It is an attribute to God himself;
And earthly power doth then show likest God's
When mercy seasons justice.

A fool thinks himself to be wise, but a wise man knows himself to be a fool.
A fool thinks himself to be wise, but a wise man knows himself to be a fool.
by: Lewis Carroll (1832-1898)

by: Lewis Carroll (1832-1898)

by: Lewis Carroll (1832-1898)

by: Lewis Carroll (1832-1898)


Thursday, 13 February 2014


Today I'm gonna start my work
With a bite of a perk!

What's the worst thing in life,
That kills u like a knife???

Yes it is the fact, when ur life is not in ur hands!!!
Ruled by the people around,
People who think are doing good for u by spoon - feeding u!
Who can't just think what u want, but give u what u ought to have
At the specified age,specified period of life.

So eventually everybody ends up living the same Life.
Be born, be everybody's pet for 3 yrs,
Go to school, Compete, Learn, Grow up,
Stand up on ur own legs,
Earn well, Get married , have kids,
Become old, Die!!!

All this happens, but what is that u did differently from others ,
That leaves a mark, that makes u you!
U have to know ur wants!!
Nobody else can live ur life 4 u!

Just think what is that u would consider as the purpose of ur life,
what is that u want to do or make of ur life,
if today is the last day of ur life,
what is that u want to make of it!!

Live outrageously, with complete Truth.
Know ur wants!
I want to Live my Life, with Truth, Love, Respect, Happiness!!
I don't want a Routine life, a Computer memory with no feelings, no Emotions,
Running like a machine behind things I don't want!
I want to Live, not just exist!!!

Tuesday, 4 February 2014


     I recently heard about this movie, & just gave it a try. A Walt Disney Productions. A movie about a Kid who just moves into town to live with her aunt. Her aunt is a person who just tries to be picture person & is so much blocked so as not to show her much love. Perhaps her years of being that way has made her Emotionless!
    Pollyanna the little girl moves into town with her little, beautiful game, "THE GLAD GAME". Now, in this game we could just figure out reasons to be glad from any situation we are in. Its like to try to see the Positive in any Situation, at any cost.
    Taken in a very Natural way, quite Emotional & the acting part is Spectacular by each one of them who have performed. Its very Beautiful to watch , a very Colourful & Lovely movie that could just make us think of a lot of things in a very different manner than how we just see things.

A Good Movie to Watch :) Made my Day ;)

Monday, 3 February 2014

12th Std :) :)

My Final Year of School Life !!!!
Wow, Entering 12th Std is awesome. My whole gang, v r big & Strong & really Close now :) We call ourselves Gangsters & most of us are Captains & also BasketBall players :) so, though we are given a lot of work we are all mostly together & its really Mass Fun :)
The special classes begin & we enter the classes after our practice sessions. OMG, Mathematics, my most favorite subject, but still I really feel sleepy by the way it is taken, Sorry maam, I'm not blaming u, but ur really making me feel very sleepy, so here we go, my tall friend in front of me, my fat friend by my left side, & here I am near the window side, cozy enough & dozing off... Wow a Gr8 sleep!!!
Next follows the Language classes. For those of us in the Tamil class, its always been the Best Snack time. Tamil book in front, snack box on the inner side, & in the very 1st bench. Awesome taste, the tamil classes were ofcourse good, but the Snacking parts have always been the Best part of the Tamil classes ;)
Thanks to our Hindi teacher who once caught us Red-handed, but did not complain to our Tamil Miss. Thank u so much maam :)
Events in the 12th Std!!!
1st Memorable event was our Investiture, we had to take oaths for our Captainships. 2 weeks of practice & the trip to the tailor shop for our Uniforms. So beautifully spent with some of the Best people i've ever met in life :) Then finally, the day of the event!!! The slow walking, the pledges we took, the Badges pinned by our principal on our Uniform, & the Beginning of a new phase, Being a 'House Games Captain'. A new Adventure, Full of Excitement, Anxiety, Responsibility, Overall a new phase, I really had no idea, how big a event all this was back then. But to think of all that now, every second seems Big, an Opportunity, Moments of Gratitude :) Its lovely. The Investiture went really well, & now we are all Excited how this year is going to be!!!
Annual Sports Meet:
All 4 houses preparing with full Vigor. Most of the time in the Field with the juniors for the Selections & practicing the Class Event, March Past, all after the BasketBall Practice Sessions. Eating Glucose with juniors, Juniors Showering their love when we are Thirsty & in need of water, (Lovely Juniors) so grateful for such lovely people, (thirudiyavudhu engaluku thanni kudutheenga ;)) Thank u lovely dolls :) Getting Scoldings from Sr. Josie, was one of the Best parts of CaptainShip. Whenever , wherever she sees a Captain she never forgets to scold us, "Proud Peacocks-Her favorite word" , God Bless her Sincerity, Nevertheless she is a Wonderful person when spoken in private. Finally the Day of Sports :D Drawing the Tracks with that Kola Maavu, Doing Tent Decoration with House Color Balloons & finally the Event. March Past, Saluting & Holding that torch & running on the Track, Awesome Feel, so cool!!! And my favorite Event - "The 100m Hurdles", just loved every Second of the practice sessions as well as the finals :) All the Athletic Events, Class Game, Every bit of the Shouting & cheering & encouragement I've given & that was given to me, I'm thankful & in Love with every minute of it :) Thank u God for all of it :) Overall the Sports Day Event was a Grand Success.
Sometimes I've been a good Captain , Sometimes an angry one, I'm really Sorry for the times I've been Harsh kiddos, I really never meant to but I was so Stressed to be Calm or I didn't really have the Experience & Calmness at that time to nurture you kids. So eventually Sometimes I was Harsh. Finally, The Sports Event Went well. The Scorings weren't that Bad. We were all in Close Quarters, & it was a Good Game for all of us.
Next chance to Bunk the Classes!! Junior Dramatics & Senior Dramatics. In the Junior Section, We had done "King Lear", it was one of the Best way my House Dramatics Captain had portrayed the play. Adding Sense of Humour to "King Lear", Thanks so much to her Extraordinary Brains, the play had come out so well. Nevertheless, Every one of them Enjoyed it, & we had secured the 1st place. In the Senior Section, it was "Sherlock Holmes" , it didn't turn out really gr8, but it was quite an Experience for all of us . I loved that too.
This year we were again Winners of the Tournament & it was really cool beating PSBB in the Finals. Then the rest of the Tournaments this year were also awesome , Especially the Back to back playing in "Montfort State Level Tournament", how we secured the 3rd place by the last minute Basket & Free throws, & our Improvisations in the "Vidhyodhaya Tournament" , & Our Final match without practice in the "Chettinad Vidhyashram" Tournament & we got Runner-Up. All of it, is like a Dream to think of now!!!
Teacher's Day Pre-Preparation:
The Game conducted for the teachers & the Toasts we prepared as a Gang for all of them , the fun we had, the love we shared. Everything was so good. How we got toasters of our own, Cut the Vegetables in the School Kindergarten, Backyard, & the Finger cuts during the Vegetable cutting, the Kid like treatment between friends, Love Love Love. That's all I've ever felt in our School. Then the Bingo Game Conducted as well as the Outdoor Ball Game for teachers & Workers & Finalising the Winners. Every minute, Excellent.
The Dance preparation for the Teachers Day in sappa's House & aunty's Chakara Pongal, Yummy !!!
Teacher's Day:
Finally on Teacher's Day, our Gang's performance was such a Mass Hit . The Flooring part earned such gr8 applauds & the Presentation also was a good hit. Overall the whole day was so much Fun :D
Children's Day:
This was yet another important day in which all of u wore Half-Saree. So pretty!!! Last Children's Day & the Performance our teachers & princi gave was awesome.
The Birthday Parties:
Our Gang's Spl Idea!! Every month Birthday Celebration. From July to February!! Each month the Cakes we cut in our school field, the Fresh Bakes Party on November, Spencers on December & Gangotri for the Jan & Feb, & how everybody was banned from going to Fresh Bakes after we got caught as Anonymous ;) The most memorable Birthday Celebration in Central Station after our Excursion. Such Memorable Moments :) :D Loved them all ;)
The Tour to Kerela , the Boating in Cochin, the fight for Room members, the early morning Reception Calls, the awesome meals, & the most awaited Bonfire, also the Sleepy bus journeys Everything was really fun , especially with u guys around :) 
Farewell :
The Farewell Party!!! All of us in Sarees !!! It was really difficult walking with all that heels & Saree for the 1st time in my Life!!! The Awesome Performances by our Juniors! Simply Mind Blowing!!! The Ramp Walks, The Games Conducted. Every minute was fun :D
The Board Exams :
The Board Exams, Something we've been preparing for , for a very long time! Though we started seriously only after the CV tournament. The Boards, it went well & we all secured good marks , now each of us doing our Interested Streams in our own ways in different Institutions! Every thing is sometimes like a dream!!!
Somethings in life we think is permanent & keep too many Expectations & dreams & they all get broken right in front of our eyes, changing to things we've never been ready for or could never take in, finally to end up only in a much better way than even what we had planned. 
I thought my school was my life, I loved every thing about it, As long as I had it with me, it was so close to me & I never realized how important & how much I loved it, until I moved out of it. But then I realized  , Nothing is permanent in life, & there is a greater power in the Universe which is beyond the Power of u & me, which has certain things already Reserved for us. That Power knows what we Deserve much more than we ourselves know. That Power is within each one of us. Call it God, Call it Subconscious mind, Call it the Power of the Now. What ever it is, Sometimes its just Beautiful to feel the Life just around us than to dwell in the Past or Future. For in the Now, there are many things that can be done.
Thank u So much God for every moment of my life so far, my happy moments have been gr8 memories , my tough moments have been my gr8test lessons, & my Present life is being a total Surprise, cause every moment I'm getting a better idea about how my future is going to be carved.

Tuesday, 28 January 2014

11th Std!!!

To think of the school days is such a great pleasure to any one for that matter! How much ever fights , Enjoyments we've had, every moment of it looks really beautiful!!

To me, till my 10th it was pretty awesum :) But my 11th & 12th Std, without which my School life would have never become Complete! This blog is just a small journey of my 11th Std.

11th Std,
I entered 11th with so much doubts! My BasketBall team was becoming a Bigger team, & there were so many new entries from all schools, & our class strength went from 45 to 80. 1st & foremost I was really afraid whether I would make it to the Main 5 in our BasketBall team. Cause the team had Expanded & there was quite a Competition between us in the beginning. But somehow I'm glad I was always in the Main 5. But after sometime it didn't quite matter due to the intimacy that grew amongst us.

This year we had so many tournaments that we rarely went to class. I enjoyed the moments we used to go really late , just 5 minutes before the 1st period got over & we just escaped most of our Chemistry tests :) The way the other girls used to Envy us was fun & reeeally made us feel Special :D Sometimes we even got caught by our Principal & paaa how she used to scold us! Sr.Josie, Thank u so much for all ur Blessings! Trust me I enjoyed every moment of ur Seriousness ;) And Teachers , Thank u for all ur Support that made us continue the Game we loved so much even in our 12th :)

This year is even special to me for we won the Zonals for the 1st time & every tournament we went is quite a memory ! The Zonals was like really awesum, but 1 Tournament that I could never forget, "Chettinad Vidhyashram" , What a lot of Efforts we put in & how we became Runners just by a very small difference in points & the match was really a memorable one! And the Sacred Hearts Match! One of the Worst matches we've ever played !!! The event somehow Strengthened our team as much as it split it. And the State team Selections! That was a good Experience for me though I didn't make it!

Then finally, the Culturals :D Ha ha, the practice sessions with our Seniors , the Selections for the Culturals, & how Excited we were when our Gang was Selected :) :D The Costume Selection & finally the Performance in Sacred Hearts :D Mass Fun :)

Wow 11th was Fun :)

Life :)

That moment when u have nothing in ur mind, no plans, no dialogs & ur loved ones speak & u reply instantly with complete realization & just live the moment!!! The life, independence u feel on ur inner side is a real Bliss :)

Friday, 17 January 2014


Spending Time with people who Accept u just the way u r & not try to Change u is Such a Pleasure :)

Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Ht of Craziness!!!

Had a gr8 day with my Dad, Went to a Sweet Shop, had my Favorite Jeera Sweets, Chola Poori & bought Channa Masala for my Mom back home, & Kalakhand for myself. On our way back home, a decorated cow came towards us!! Remembering it was "Mattu Pongal" Wished the cow "Happy Mattu Pongal" , yeah It was Fun :D Guess the cow wanted to wish me back! Came Moo towards me, One Jump on the nearby platform & Escape! Its ok baby, I understand ur wishes , Thank u so much, no way I'm getting hit by u ;)
The cow was such a beauty. Usually all cows don't mutify, but I guess this one had just escaped from its owner , & I had interrupted. Goodness I Escaped! But still the way it came to hit me, it was very cute! Anyways, "Happy Mattu Pongal to All :)"

Monday, 13 January 2014

A Game For Friends!!!

3 & a 1/2 years since I played my Favourite Game with my Favourite , Bestest of Friends - My School Gang. Just thinking back of the years we spent together.

When we were together I've never once had even time to sit & think what would be the next moment! It was like Heaven. The Happiness, the fights, the Life we had together. For 14 years in that Beautiful, Heavenly, Second Home our school, St.Ursula's, & 6 years in that Court, our BasketBall court, the matches we played, the Tournaments we played  together, the scoldings we got from both our Coaches, the Fights we had for Chest Nos., the Conversations we used to have before & after our Matches. I miss them like Hell. At that time maybe we've never had the time to thank each other, but now we're all apart, in different places, having our own separate lives. Maybe we'll never get back together like the way we used to be. But this moment, I take the privilege to Thank each one of u guys who made my life a Heaven in St.Ursula's, without u guys I would never be the person I am right now. Thank u so much :)

Some Beautiful Times Shared with my Friends,
There's so much to begin with. The very reason I started playing BasketBall is beacuse of D.Kerthika & Ragavi, u guys brought me to the Game. In 7th Std, I was let into that Court & with all that new shorts, shoes & Dribbling - the very 1st lesson, Learning to Dribble up & down the court was fun. Within a week's time there was this Selection for the Sub junior level for Inter - school Zonal for the school team, & we had to do this layup stepping for the selections, & our seniors held the selections. I was really afraid whether I would be selected for the team, alas, Shaziya, Sasi & I were all selected & the 1st tournament in St.Vincent's , with all those yummy Bun Butter & Jam from Mrs. Peters, & the shoutings to play properly from Vino Sir the 1st Match was awesome. We lost, but still the Seniors had Won & that was an Amazing Team which we all Admired, I was Happy & Excited about this new Beginning.

8th Std,
There were some Tournaments we went for at this time, but I don't really remember much except for the PSBB tournament. It was such a failure, & I still Remember the Scoldings I got from Vino Sir, to improve my Stamina, which I'm working on until today. I also remember how Sr. Josie used to torture us to attend our Mid-term exams after our matches. Lovely Times though :)

9th Std,
We are quite an Improving team now. We are coming up really well. Our Chemistry as well as our Friendship is growing really well. I'm Enjoying a lot with u guys. Especially the silly fights between shaziya, me & Yenchun , I never compromise & wantedly fight. Its Fun :D

10th Std,
Studies trying to take an Important role, but our School Massu. Let them continue the Games. They will study more well :) I love our School & our Masters for such a Supporting Attitude :) I remember how we lost the match against PSBB just by 1 point, this was the time we had Anand Sir also for coaching us. That mass Stretches, & Increased Running & Saturday 3 O'clock Coaching , wow it improved us a lot.

11th Std,
We are a Bigger team now! 9 of us in the 11th, there's a split between us & the juniors Anu, Jos , Swetha due to Anand Sir, I hated him for that though, cause we were all so close, & dis brought a little split in the attitudes of the team. But then , this year was the year we attended Maximum Tournaments, only next to 12th. And this year we were one among the Top teams in Chennai District. We won the Zonals. We won Runner-up in CV tournament. All this was Amazing. I loved every Moment of it.

12th Std,
Last year for all of us Together!!! I'd love to write a separate blog about our 12th Std alone. So I'm not including it here.

This Blog is Dedicated to D.Kerthika, Raghavi, Yenchun, Mandy, Avo, Yoga, Deeps, Lekha, Anu, Jos, Swetha, above all Vino Sir & Anand Sir & Sr. Josie. This Blog is a very small part of our 6 year Journey. No words could explain those times we've had together. Thanks to each one of u for every minute we've spent together, for the Goods & Bads we've had together. Without u guys , I wonder if I would have grown even to this extent on my Inner side. Love u all :)

Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Have a Happy Journey Sis :)

Dear Priya,
                  First of all, Have a Happy Journey, This is gonna be a new phase in ur Life, & I just wish it brings u all the Happiness in the Whole World. I wish u & Bharath Mama  "A Very Happy & Prosperous Life Ahead :) "

Now this is gonna be a Transition for me too. Maybe I sometimes act like I'm a philosopher, but somewhere deep inside I"m still a Kid who is always wanting to grow & learning to control my Emotions :) ;) Though I was firm faced & trying to smile when u left, u just dunno how my Expression is at this moment. Yes I'm crying like a Kid. We've spent years together & u've been one of my Standing supports always. U've been there by my side at my failures, though u always say the opposite of what I Expect, U've tried to control me saying, "Overa Adada", when I just have Boosted my Confidence, U've Discouraged me many times when I just feel up & U've Encouraged me many more times during the times of my Failures.

U've always been there by my side to keep on & on Speaking more than Listening, though Recently its being a little Reverse ;) :P Just Remembering all those sweet moments we've shared ever since we were Kids!

I was a kid, & u were in ur 4th or 5th, How u used to irritate me u Bloody Idiot, What a Lovely kid I was, & u used to make me Run behind u like u were a Big Fairy Angel, & I used to go behind u Innocently, "Priya akka, Priya akka", I still Remember those times, u donkey , Crazy Donkey, but Remember, How I used to keep Asking Dad when I was in Balacca , "I want to go to the School where Priya akka goes!" & then When they joined me there, How I used to be Singing, "Nan Schoolukku Po mattan", & I had to compelled to go & sit in that class, with all those bars so we would not run out. Curse them man.

Remember our Watch fight, I still Remember how I made u cry, there no more "Priya akkas" , now I'm a Don 2 :D Then what about the times in which I took 2 weeks leave to school & u had to get the notes from Mrs.Barbarra who teased u so much! HAHAHA , I remember how u used to complain wen u cum bak home. That was Funny, I was happily lying on the bed & laughing :D

1st Std,
Idlis Everyday!!! eeeeeeeeeee, how mom used to torture us giving us Idlis everyday & how Variety Rice was really Exciting to us when we got it after a long span of Idlis.

3rd Std,
Remember the time I got admitted in Hospital & u had Fried Rice in our canteen without me & how I had fried rice leaving u when I came back! Wow, Yummy Taste, no other canteen aunties came with that tasty kaimanam after that.

4th Std,
I had a gr8 time when I sat with u & ur friends for sumtime. Thanks for dose times. But den I found my own set of people to mingle with.

6th Std,
U were in 12th, u were a "Social Service Captain ", OMG what a lot of Fans! When dey used to call me "Jayanthy thangachi, Jayanthy thangachi" , I used to get irritated. Not because I was jealous of u, I sure admired u for all ur Talents , Especially the Role u played in Dramatics , it was awesome :) Its just I like to be just seen for who I am as a person & a human being, Rather than being a Somebody's something or being called by some position. I wasn't Born with all that, neither am I gonna die with all that. K K, that's enough of Philosophy!! yeah, after 6th, no more u in school, I had to face the rest of the 6 years by myself. This is the time I got a new Gang, which lasted till my 12th & Still & hope it just Lasts forever. Gangsters, Lovely Idiots.

7th Std,
U grow up, go to college, I grow up, & start sharing Everything that ever happens in school with u like u are my mirror image. And u patiently listen, most times giving boring advices, which I follow Blindly cause I Love u!!! This is the time, I entered BasketBall, just 1 week for the Zonalds, & being selected for the school team in the Sub junior category! Wow I'm Excited :)

8th Std,
Things are getting Busy!! Studies & Games, Both going well. U having ur own College Life, ur Friends & Fun. We speak , but not a lot. Getting Busy in our own ways.

9th Std,
I try to speak to u , & ur like, "Common I have my own life, I don't have to keep listening to u all the time!" At the time it hurted me a lot. This is when i distanced from u , U were in ur teens & probably u need more Privacy. I get it now. But den our Relationship status had changed.

10th Std,
I was too Busy , I did not even have the time to speak to u. I was indeed very Stressed & Arrogant! Everybody who see me keeps advicing, Encouraging & Expecting. I've never been so Stressed in my Life before. Parents, Relatives, Vino Sir, Anand Sir, Sr. Josie, The Best Student Award, Centum Expectation in Maths, OMG This was like Hell, I've never doubted myself so much! I've never been so thorough & never have been this hughhhhhh, just waiting for my Boards 2 get over! PAAAAAAAA, to secure that 465/500 missing the school rank by 10 marks & 99% in maths, I still have no idea where I missed the 1 mark , & how Mrs. Devi was sad I missed the centum & how much it hurted me! Sometimes it still hurts me. But I've just learnt to love myself. I tried what I could. Maybe that was what was meant for me. The trip to Mumbai was Relaxing after the Boards :) Though u weren't able to accompany.

11th Std,
Wonder what's wrong with me, I just think too much. New members in the Basketball team, u got placed & had to move to Mysore, I missed u like Hell, crying Day & night, thank God I was still in the Main 5 in the team, BasketBall was my only Relief from all the Problems. 11th was awesome. The maximum no. of Tournaments was at this time. Most times , no school,  but kept going for all Tournaments, the matches we played, the Experience we had as a team, brought us all together & it was really a gr8 time to be with my Gang, we called ourselves Gangsters & naanga panna arathu iruke, appadi irundichu :) u were in Mysore all dis tym, & I remember the December Tour, Hell lot of fun we had together as a Family. Just Mom, Dad, u & me. I loved it :)

12th Std,
I don't think I ever studied in 12th, it was even more fun. Almost all my gang members were Captains, it was so much fun being 'Blue House Games Captain', How we used to fight over Red & Blue, cause u were in Red House & I in Blue House. This year also we had many Tournaments & u'l were always nagging me to Study. But till January we Had Matches, & Feb Study Holidays I studied like a Pei, Day & Night, Happa How I was, I don't Remember anything else except how veriya I was preparing dat 1 week, yellam oru peedhi dan, unga kittalam yaru thittu vangaradhu. Finally, the Board Results, Thank God it saved me, got an Engineering seat in Counseling.

Remember, how Happy I was once I picked Panimalar Engg College, & Remember the Conversation after I came out with u, Oodhana Baloon la Kathu pudingi vitta mari panna, at 1st I was disappointed, but now I'm thankful for finding myself back, I don't think any other place would have been apt for the purpose.

College 1st year,
I was very Busy dat I din't even care to speak to u. Unless the 2nd sem, something funny happened in college. Remember all dat. Craziest moments ever.

College 2nd year,
We've just started getting back to our normal states of Conversation.

College 3rd year,
How much ever u'l tel me to study, I'm not even touching my book. Now, I'm more matured (sometimes) than u, atleast I act more matured :P & u r d one seeking all d advice from me ;)

Final Year,
Ur married & have to Leave to Bangalore, & here I am giving u My HEARTIEST WISHES, for u to HAVE THE BEST OF BEST IN THE YEARS TO COME :) :D

With all the Love from God, Have A Happy & Fun Filled & Prosperous Life for the years to come :)

Once again,
Wish u a very Happy Life Ahead :)

Happy Life Sis :)

Dear Sis,
                 This poem is for ur Life Ahead, Hope u take it.

Dear Sister, Dear Sister,
Now ur married to a Mister,
So ur beginning with a new Life,
As a Sweet & Happy Wife :)

This is a New Phase,
For u to Face!
I know Everything is gonna be New,
But take one step at a time few by few.

I'm Happy u've Entered a Great Family,
Maybe their ways are a little different from ours,
But what matters is the person they are!

Sometimes Life gives u more than what u Expect,
Sometimes it compels u to live upto what it Expects!
Time changes many things,
But we couldn't switch over time with wings!

Some situations have to be Faced
Rather than just Chased!

I just wish Everything just goes well :)
I wish u both have a very Happy & Prosperous Life ahead :)
May the Good Lord be with u Always :)

Love u :)

Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Thank u Masters & Thank u so much each one of my Seniors !!! U guys just don't know how grateful I am !!!

Dedicated To my Family, my Masters & my Seniors,
                                            Ever since I was a kid, I've only been hearing be careful kiddo when ur with boys, remember ur always a girl, be this, be that & full of opinions from all ends! And moreover the TV shows, from the movies to serials, Everything always shows like all these craps about boys & girls!!!
But I've just realized that its whats within u that comes to u!! If have a want or fear of lust , thats what reflects on u. "IF U WANT TO CHANGE ANYTHING IN THIS WORLD 1ST CHANGE URSELF"

In the Recent years, everybody around have lost the most essential thing a human being needs to live a Happy Life , "TRUST", Almost for everything small to big thing there is loss of Trust. Everywhere talks about Rape! I just want to share a small Experience which has made me break my fears & start Trusting men as equally as I Trust woman.

Friday night 8.00 pm,

This was the day we had to start for our "INTERNATIONAL OPEN KARATE CHAMPIONSHIP - 2014 INDIA" held at Karikal. So long, I thought it was 2 girls my friend Shruthi & myself gonna travel with 11 Seniors all boys along with our 2 Beloved Masters. But last minute she dropped out & I had to be the only girl traveling with 13 men. I know these people for the past 6 months & I Trust them as much as I Trust myself. But before I start , my mom! "What u r the only girl! Sruthi isn't coming. Kalam kettu poirukku ma, batharama poittu vaama(3)" this batharama poittu vaama I would have heard it atleast a 20 more times before I left. Not enough my mom, next comes my Ammama, "yen ma, idalam thevaiya ma, ithoda niruthiko seriya,kungfu lam venam,  kalam kettu poiruku ma, yenama vilayadara, parru yeppadi thurumba yelaichi poita!" (my mind voice - yo nan yentha kalathila ya kunda irundirukan! aalaluku Advice panreenaga! ponga ya, unga Rowsu thangala!)

Thank God, atleast my Dad understood how important this Tournament was for me! Thank u so much Daddy :) And my sister as usual, a pillar of Strength & Support Encouraged me with her words. Thanks Priya :)

Now, back to the Journey, we started at 8.30 pm from Chennai, the Van boarded was one of our Senior's Van , Mr. Velmurugan, Thank u Senior , that was a Wonderful Journey, Thank u so much!
It was a comfortable Van of 15 members seating. I was so afraid how the seating would be at 1st! But then when I was allocated a single seater , it boosted me with a lot more of Happiness & Trust & I was really excited of the Journey, forgetting all the blemishes & doubt my Mom, & her mom had left on my mind. Here I am Ready for the Journey!

But 1 shocking news from Ashok Senior, "Karthiga u r not supposed to sleep if ur sitting there!" (MindVoice)! "Vada poche! 1 night thookam pocha ! Nan sethan! " appathan Anil Master Deivam attam yenna kapathinaru! " 2 seater onnu freeya irukku ma, adha yeduthuko" How Releived I felt!

Dinner Time 9.30 pm,
                    My mom had given, Pooris for all, 12 is a big number when it comes to girls (indeed adulaye meendhu pogum) but I came to know it was a small count for a Single boy! But Guna senior also had Brought chappathis, so we just ate all this in the Van, & then they were all Hungry & halted at a  Hotel for Dinner, where I just had Ice cream.

Then Back to the Journey, I took my 2 seater! Koundhu kuppara paduthu ore thookam dan! then, v reached Karaikal at 4 am. Here again, all seniors were given a classroom in a school for getting ready! Masters were given a hotel room, & Masters took me along with them. There were 2 beds in the Room, & both masters slept in a single bed, & gave a cot for me, I felt like I was with my Elder Brothers!So much of Sacrifice & Simplicity! My Masters Rock! I really feel so grateful for being me & for all the people around me!

Saturday 9.00 am, at the Venue for the Tournament,
                            Never had anything from morning , Damn Hungry, waiting for the Registration! Weight checked, Seniors have delivered their commands, given my chest no. "I got 22, just 1 no. before my favourite Basektball player's chest no. 23 Michael Jordan" my friend Sruthi got 23, but that's ok.
Then by 9.30 am, we left for a Veg hotel for our Breakfast, angadan highlighte! Ha ha hahaaaaa! Semma comedy! We ordered so many things & we were waiting for our food. One of our Seniors Soorya Charan ordered Dosa & all 3 others in dat table also ordered the same, we all except him got the food, den all the other people also got the food, masala dosa, onion uthapam, pongal, even special Dosa came, den we all went for 2nd round poori, our senior still waiting , we were all Bursting out with Laughter, so much Fun :D den finally he got his ordinary Dosa, & den we finished our fun filled breakfast & left again for the Venue.

10.30 am, Tournament Begins,
                         OMG!!! I'm so excited, there were 4 Chief Guests, 1 among them - Monika Bhardwaj, IPS WOW!! how Idolising she was !!! Such a gethu, she looked so Stunning in that Uniform , so Admirable! I couldn't just take my eyes of her!! Den der was the other chief guests speech! And after all that, the Most awaited Tournament! We were all split into different categories, according to our age & gender. And then the events took place one by one. All of us who participated from our Institute got a prize, Some of us even got more than 1, thanks to "CHINESE BLACK TIGER KUNGFU ASSOCIATION" for giving me such an Opportunity. This event has really given me an Opportunity to overcome some of my Stacked up fears!!
The events in the Tournament for me were, Individual Kumite & Individual Kata . It went really well. All the award distribution & everything got over by 11pm, & our Institute had secured 32 prizes overall with 14 members. That is an awesome count!!! The most awaited Tournament got over so soon!!!

11.45 pm, In Kothu Barotta shop,
                       All of us were damn hungry!! Kolla pasi!! (Yellam Madattam Sapadranunga!!!) mutta dosa, kothu barotta, barotta kurma, half boiled (with eating techniques), chilli chicken, pepper chicken, the list goes on. Now it was my time be mocked I guess. Everything came except my Item, & my senior had a good laugh this time! Luckily I was waiting for it become 12, cause I don't eat non-veg on Saturdays, den finally had my serving , wow it was yummy! And the half-boiled, dat jelly, the liquid part was very good!! A good dinner & den back to our lodging facilities! Had a good night's sleep!

 Sunday , 6.00 am, Starting to Saneeshwarar Temple with Masters,
                     I feel really lucky to stand in front of my favourite God, Lord Shiva, Standing in front of Shiva Lingam & keeping a Big Lotus flower before Him, wow it just felt Heavenly!!! Then saw all the other Deities & did Archana for my family & this was one temple in which u can take back ur Archana bag. Then got some Prasadam & went out of the Temple to have some Breakfast. Had Idli & Poori, the Poori was too good, correct oil level & damn tasty. And this was the time I kept hearing my Master's favourite word! "TEA" I would have heard that word a hundred more times dat day! Even if I hear tea now, its driving me crazy!

                   Then back to the school to pick up all the seniors & start our Journey back home! We just dropped in at a small place for our lunch & reached Home by 5 pm.

This was one of the Best Journeys I've ever Had, & I enjoyed every moment of it! I didn't feel a big difference being a girl, I indeed felt really comfortable & honoured  to be with such good hearted people!






Friday, 3 January 2014

Wow! My 1st International Level Tournament!!!

I'm so excited about going for my 1st Kungfu Tournament. I just wish all of us enjoy & have a good Experience & give very good Performances, Its gonna be a gr8 day tomorrow :) Thank u so much God for giving me this Opportunity :D