Thursday, 14 April 2011

A Note To All Parents!!!

Parents, Parents, Parents,
Listen to this poem from this 18 year old!
We realize that you'll have sacrificed a lot for us,
To make us go & grow through Life!
But that doesn't mean you'll have to keep repeating that
And Tormenting us like a Knife!
This is the age where we could falter if no good support is given.
We don't want to really Fall to Rise,
Be there with us All through & make us Wise.
We understand that you'll have done a lot for us,
Have patience for we'll surely return it when its our turn.
I know how much ever we do, it could never compensate for all that u'll have done for us,
But please try to understand, that we are giving all that we can.
Please let us have our way & learn life not just books!
We know what we are doing, all we ask is a drop of your Trust.
Not each one of us might get it in the very 1st try,
But encourage & be there for us, We'll give our Best.
Parents, Parents , Parents,
Please understand us,
The times have changed,
And the Possibilities Rearranged!
When its our time, we'll return our Gratitude,
Until then, please do not discourage us, & change our Attitude
Towards Life & Living.
We love you with all what we have,
Don't judge us by our battles,
We are sure we'll win the War.
Trust us, Be with us & Guide us All Through,
With your support we are sure we'll get through :)