Monday, 13 January 2014

A Game For Friends!!!

3 & a 1/2 years since I played my Favourite Game with my Favourite , Bestest of Friends - My School Gang. Just thinking back of the years we spent together.

When we were together I've never once had even time to sit & think what would be the next moment! It was like Heaven. The Happiness, the fights, the Life we had together. For 14 years in that Beautiful, Heavenly, Second Home our school, St.Ursula's, & 6 years in that Court, our BasketBall court, the matches we played, the Tournaments we played  together, the scoldings we got from both our Coaches, the Fights we had for Chest Nos., the Conversations we used to have before & after our Matches. I miss them like Hell. At that time maybe we've never had the time to thank each other, but now we're all apart, in different places, having our own separate lives. Maybe we'll never get back together like the way we used to be. But this moment, I take the privilege to Thank each one of u guys who made my life a Heaven in St.Ursula's, without u guys I would never be the person I am right now. Thank u so much :)

Some Beautiful Times Shared with my Friends,
There's so much to begin with. The very reason I started playing BasketBall is beacuse of D.Kerthika & Ragavi, u guys brought me to the Game. In 7th Std, I was let into that Court & with all that new shorts, shoes & Dribbling - the very 1st lesson, Learning to Dribble up & down the court was fun. Within a week's time there was this Selection for the Sub junior level for Inter - school Zonal for the school team, & we had to do this layup stepping for the selections, & our seniors held the selections. I was really afraid whether I would be selected for the team, alas, Shaziya, Sasi & I were all selected & the 1st tournament in St.Vincent's , with all those yummy Bun Butter & Jam from Mrs. Peters, & the shoutings to play properly from Vino Sir the 1st Match was awesome. We lost, but still the Seniors had Won & that was an Amazing Team which we all Admired, I was Happy & Excited about this new Beginning.

8th Std,
There were some Tournaments we went for at this time, but I don't really remember much except for the PSBB tournament. It was such a failure, & I still Remember the Scoldings I got from Vino Sir, to improve my Stamina, which I'm working on until today. I also remember how Sr. Josie used to torture us to attend our Mid-term exams after our matches. Lovely Times though :)

9th Std,
We are quite an Improving team now. We are coming up really well. Our Chemistry as well as our Friendship is growing really well. I'm Enjoying a lot with u guys. Especially the silly fights between shaziya, me & Yenchun , I never compromise & wantedly fight. Its Fun :D

10th Std,
Studies trying to take an Important role, but our School Massu. Let them continue the Games. They will study more well :) I love our School & our Masters for such a Supporting Attitude :) I remember how we lost the match against PSBB just by 1 point, this was the time we had Anand Sir also for coaching us. That mass Stretches, & Increased Running & Saturday 3 O'clock Coaching , wow it improved us a lot.

11th Std,
We are a Bigger team now! 9 of us in the 11th, there's a split between us & the juniors Anu, Jos , Swetha due to Anand Sir, I hated him for that though, cause we were all so close, & dis brought a little split in the attitudes of the team. But then , this year was the year we attended Maximum Tournaments, only next to 12th. And this year we were one among the Top teams in Chennai District. We won the Zonals. We won Runner-up in CV tournament. All this was Amazing. I loved every Moment of it.

12th Std,
Last year for all of us Together!!! I'd love to write a separate blog about our 12th Std alone. So I'm not including it here.

This Blog is Dedicated to D.Kerthika, Raghavi, Yenchun, Mandy, Avo, Yoga, Deeps, Lekha, Anu, Jos, Swetha, above all Vino Sir & Anand Sir & Sr. Josie. This Blog is a very small part of our 6 year Journey. No words could explain those times we've had together. Thanks to each one of u for every minute we've spent together, for the Goods & Bads we've had together. Without u guys , I wonder if I would have grown even to this extent on my Inner side. Love u all :)

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