Monday, 21 March 2011

Chicken Soup for the Teenage Soul-Part 2

There was this another poem in this book which very much interested me. I just wanted to share it with my readers. so I'm blogging it. Hope you'll gain something out of it.


When I ask you to listen to me
and you start giving me advice,
you have not done what I asked. When I ask you to listen to me
and you begin to tell me why
I shouldn't feel that way,
you are trampling on my feelings. When I ask you to listen to me
and you feel you have to do something
to solve my problem,
you have failed me, strange as that may seem. Listen! All I ask you is that you listen.
Don't talk or do - just hear me.
Advice is cheap; 20 cents will get
you both Dear Abby and Billy Graham
in the same newspaper. And I can do for myself; I am not helpless.
Maybe discouraged & faltering,
but not helpless.
When you do something for me that I can
and need to do for myself,
you contribute to my fear & inadequacy.
But when you accept as a simple fact
that I feel what I feel,
no matter how irrational,
then I can stop trying to convince
you and get about this business
of understanding what's behind
this irrational feeling.
And when that's clear, the answers are
obvious and I don't need advice.
Irrational feelings make sense when
we understand what's behind them.
Perhaps that's why prayer works, sometimes,
for some people - because God is mute,
and he doesn't give advice or try
to fix things.
God just listens and lets you work
it out for yourself.
So please listen, and just hear me.
And if you want to talk, wait a minute
for your turn - and I will listen to you.

Author Unknown

Ofcourse it takes a lot to speak up, but a lot of Patience to listen.
Remember ,
"A Good Listener is Always a Good Speaker"

Sunday, 20 March 2011

Chicken Soup for the Teenage Soul-Part 1

A  fantabulous  book  of  Experiences  for the Teenagers!!! It contains Stories on Life, Love & Learning. A great deal about relationships, Friendship, Guts, Shyness, Rising from the dead ( rather preventing Suicide), finally getting the kiddos 'Come out with Flying colours'! A must read book for the Teenagers :)

A poem on Friendship from the book!!!


Today I met a great new friend
Who knew me right away
It was funny how she understood
All I had to say

She listened to my problems                         
She listened to my Dreams
We talked about Love & Life
She'd been there, too , it seems

I never once felt Judged by her
She knew just how I felt
She seemed to just accept me
And all the problems that I'd been dealt

She didn't interupt me
Or need to have her say
She just listened very patiently
And didn't go away

I wanted her to understand
How much this meant to me
But as I went to hug her
Something startled me

I put my arms in front of me
And went to pull her nearer
And realized that my new Best Friend
Was nothing but a mirror

Retold by Kimberly Kirberger

No body accepts who u r completely, but we all try to love each other with our imperfections. That's where there is the Blossom of True Friendship :)