Tuesday, 28 January 2014

11th Std!!!

To think of the school days is such a great pleasure to any one for that matter! How much ever fights , Enjoyments we've had, every moment of it looks really beautiful!!

To me, till my 10th it was pretty awesum :) But my 11th & 12th Std, without which my School life would have never become Complete! This blog is just a small journey of my 11th Std.

11th Std,
I entered 11th with so much doubts! My BasketBall team was becoming a Bigger team, & there were so many new entries from all schools, & our class strength went from 45 to 80. 1st & foremost I was really afraid whether I would make it to the Main 5 in our BasketBall team. Cause the team had Expanded & there was quite a Competition between us in the beginning. But somehow I'm glad I was always in the Main 5. But after sometime it didn't quite matter due to the intimacy that grew amongst us.

This year we had so many tournaments that we rarely went to class. I enjoyed the moments we used to go really late , just 5 minutes before the 1st period got over & we just escaped most of our Chemistry tests :) The way the other girls used to Envy us was fun & reeeally made us feel Special :D Sometimes we even got caught by our Principal & paaa how she used to scold us! Sr.Josie, Thank u so much for all ur Blessings! Trust me I enjoyed every moment of ur Seriousness ;) And Teachers , Thank u for all ur Support that made us continue the Game we loved so much even in our 12th :)

This year is even special to me for we won the Zonals for the 1st time & every tournament we went is quite a memory ! The Zonals was like really awesum, but 1 Tournament that I could never forget, "Chettinad Vidhyashram" , What a lot of Efforts we put in & how we became Runners just by a very small difference in points & the match was really a memorable one! And the Sacred Hearts Match! One of the Worst matches we've ever played !!! The event somehow Strengthened our team as much as it split it. And the State team Selections! That was a good Experience for me though I didn't make it!

Then finally, the Culturals :D Ha ha, the practice sessions with our Seniors , the Selections for the Culturals, & how Excited we were when our Gang was Selected :) :D The Costume Selection & finally the Performance in Sacred Hearts :D Mass Fun :)

Wow 11th was Fun :)

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