Friday, 28 February 2014

I am Blessed :)

Dear God my Heavenly Father,
                                             Whatever I went thru today, has been beyond my Expectations & Real Blessings I could Treasure a Lifetime. Its been a gr8 day :) From the time I woke up till now, every single second has been a Blessing , I feel really Thankful for this day :) Everyday is not gonna be today, Just because I've had so much fun today, doesn't mean I'm not gonna have hard situations to face in Life anymore. It just means that ur gonna be with me thru all of it & give me the Strength to face those moments as much as u've been there with me in my Happy moments. I love this Second of my Life, I treasure it & I know ur always there for me even if the Whole world Lets me down :)

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