Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Happy Life Sis :)

Dear Sis,
                 This poem is for ur Life Ahead, Hope u take it.

Dear Sister, Dear Sister,
Now ur married to a Mister,
So ur beginning with a new Life,
As a Sweet & Happy Wife :)

This is a New Phase,
For u to Face!
I know Everything is gonna be New,
But take one step at a time few by few.

I'm Happy u've Entered a Great Family,
Maybe their ways are a little different from ours,
But what matters is the person they are!

Sometimes Life gives u more than what u Expect,
Sometimes it compels u to live upto what it Expects!
Time changes many things,
But we couldn't switch over time with wings!

Some situations have to be Faced
Rather than just Chased!

I just wish Everything just goes well :)
I wish u both have a very Happy & Prosperous Life ahead :)
May the Good Lord be with u Always :)

Love u :)

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