Thursday, 13 February 2014


Today I'm gonna start my work
With a bite of a perk!

What's the worst thing in life,
That kills u like a knife???

Yes it is the fact, when ur life is not in ur hands!!!
Ruled by the people around,
People who think are doing good for u by spoon - feeding u!
Who can't just think what u want, but give u what u ought to have
At the specified age,specified period of life.

So eventually everybody ends up living the same Life.
Be born, be everybody's pet for 3 yrs,
Go to school, Compete, Learn, Grow up,
Stand up on ur own legs,
Earn well, Get married , have kids,
Become old, Die!!!

All this happens, but what is that u did differently from others ,
That leaves a mark, that makes u you!
U have to know ur wants!!
Nobody else can live ur life 4 u!

Just think what is that u would consider as the purpose of ur life,
what is that u want to do or make of ur life,
if today is the last day of ur life,
what is that u want to make of it!!

Live outrageously, with complete Truth.
Know ur wants!
I want to Live my Life, with Truth, Love, Respect, Happiness!!
I don't want a Routine life, a Computer memory with no feelings, no Emotions,
Running like a machine behind things I don't want!
I want to Live, not just exist!!!