Tuesday, 22 April 2014

My BasketBall Buddies :) The Best Ever !!!

After 4 long years in my School BasketBall ground, with my Favourite team ever :)
Early morning Boarding the Bus to my school at 6 am,
At the court 7 am,
Doing some warm ups, now here I am ready for my Favorite game ever,
Wow, after 4 long years, the Game feels new as ever,
Most Baskets getting converted, great Affence & defence,
Same Mass Fun, Same Mass feel, Same Mass corrections from our Dearest coach,
Wonderful Gaming, Except for the thing that happened at the end of the Game!
Jack n Jill went up the Hill
To fetch a pail of water,
Jack fell down n Broke his crown
Jill came tumbling after !!!
I am Jack & my friends are Jill
Oh Yes, I fell down before the last Basket in a Drive through & sprained my ankle.
Immediately my ankle got swollen like a balloon & then the most beautiful things happened,
my friends, one on both sides, lifted me up, got the ice cubes from the canteen & gave me all the 1st aid needed, carried me all the way to lie down on the bench, consoling my swollen ankle with more ice from the canteen & with some heel toe Exercises, & getting  a bike inside the school with our PT teacher's recommendation & dropping me at my aunt's place all the way! Man How lucky I am!!!
I'm glad I fell down or I would have missed all that Love from my Friends :)
Love U Guys Always, just the way , U guys are the Best Buddies Ever :)

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