Friday, 4 April 2014

The World is really full of Beautiful people !!!

Began the day with Hakuna Matata , thanks to Timon & Pumba for that song. And the Day went gr8, Still going gr8 :D
Our project review was today, a Result of 2 months Interesting Hardwork. Going back & forth to Nagman Instrumentation & traveling a lot, doing our own circuits, waiting eagerly for the output, sometimes even getitng pissed out, but Thanks a lot to Jagadeesh anna who guided us so well all through the circutry part & Thank u so much Ilavarasu uncle for getting the concepts into our heads. Thanks to Sathish uncle for the Programming part & also to Alvin anna for being supportive. First & foremost Thank u Magesh mama for directing me to Sangeetha akka & Thank u Sangeetha akka for getting us this Gr8 Opportunity. I'm all full of Gratitude for today. 2 months, going back & forth & spending all that time with that circuit, with all the fights between us friends, a lot of Dispositions in our attitudes, a lot of co-operative efforts, thanks to Moni, & Jeeva for being such a pillar of support to me & bearing my crazy moods, Thanks to myself for being an organized person & bearing with Jeeva's moods, Thanks to moni for being the ever supportive Happy-go-lucky-attitudinal person who has always been the pillar of strength to me at all , all thru my years at Panimalar. We guys made it :) :D
Moving over to my college staffs, Thank u so much HOD sir, I think we are really lucky to have such a gr8 person as our HOD, thanks for all that help & especially for correcting my attitudes & making me Stabler. Thanks to Arul anna for helping us carry our Instrument. Its all U people who made my Day 'Hakuna Matata' ;) :D
And then to my amazement, its like the whole world has changed so Wonderfully well all of a sudden. From Shopkeepers to Automen, Everybody!!! All of a sudden !!! The World is full of Gratitude & good, gr8 people. I'm loving every minute of my Life. This is so gr8, so gorgeous :D Thanks to the Good Lord for every bit of my Life. I love this Drama, Exactly the way it is :)

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