Thursday, 17 January 2013


Dear Students,

                     I'm writing this blog to all students out there who still run behind syllabus & marks & who still concentrate on your weakness & worry day & night! I say u, ur time to worry is over. Just keep ur books aside, ur family, ur life, all that u r aside & see the world for what it is! Just for what it is, just see it the way u saw it once u were a kid, for a minute put knowledge beside & put forth ur common sense.

Don't u feel the breeze around?
Don't u sense the smell of beautiful flowers or some delicious dish ur momma s cooking? (Hopefully the atmosphere around u is good) ;)
What do u see?
Your room, now is there really any tension there?
Just take a deep breath!
That's it. Now listen to the Truth I'm gonna say!

The books u'll read, the syllabus we follow, everything has purpose in it only if we understand it, feel it & take it for life. Just learn because u enjoy learning. Don't compel urself to do something that u don't like. Never Fear to do the right things in Life. Fear is a Hindrance to Growth.
The books, esp Engineering books that we try to mug putting so much pressure in our heads didn't fall from the sky! They are written by people who were once children like us. Their prolonged practice has what made them the Genius that they are! So Fear not for Examinations. All that we learn are not different languages, it just another fact about the world we live in. Never lose ur Enthusiasm & Interest while learning, these are the base things a good Student needs.
Have Basic Education, but if being a topper is not your goal, n if ur interests is sports , art , music or whatever it may be, do not quit, do not suppress them, if u do not have enough facilities to learn them from a big institute, do not worry, Experience is the Best teacher, just open ur eyes, look around, if u REALLY want to do a thing, OPPORTUNITY would be just around the corner, ur knowledge can't teach u dis, just FEEL it. Whatever be ur situation, keep COOL, its just a situation not a problem, Be present in the Present. ALways follow ur Heart. It will never let u down.

There are only 3 things u can do to a problem, (Ref. Power of Now)
1) Accept it
2) Change it
3) Remove it

So, atleast from now on, instead of speaking about people, start speaking about ideas. LIFE IS TO LIVE NOT JUST EXIST! BE PRESENT IN THE PRESENT. BON VOYAGE!