Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Love & Hate!!!

    Why does these fights come,
     Between us & our loved ones!
     For a minute everything is fine,
     The next minute the situation is a spoil vine!

     The elders don't understand,
     The impact it has on the young ones!
     They shout shout shout,
     With all their doubts,
     Making their young minds Rot!

      My heart dwells in pain,
      My efforts go in vain!
      Every minute tears fall like rain,
      All these make me insane!

      What is the solution,
       To all these Delusions,
       My young heart can take no more,
       Of all this insanity of the elders!
       All these want to make me cry,
       But there is a saying I believe,
       " People who cry or get angry
        Are people who are fit for nothing! "
       And also,
       " Pain is common, but Suffering is a Choice"
        So I choose the words,
        "Instead of 'Why me?', It's gonna be a 'Try me', here after"

        All these pains are self-created,
        There is an internal joy that is secreted,
        Inside each one of us,
        So let's follow are hearts,
        And always be Happy :) :) :)