Thursday, 1 December 2011

Fiction Myth!!

                                Hi readers, dis s an imaginary story! Hope u'll enjoy reading it!
                      Long long ago, so long ago, there lived a girl named Rectalina. She was really a very beautiful & pretty young lady Xcept dat her face was rectangular in shape. Its just 2 days before Rect could turn 16 wen d great disater happened. She underwent a disease named Indrasia. Now dis  Indrasia is something to do with the heart & the brain.Wat happens s, al dat s supposed 2 be done by the brain, the heart takes responsibility & al that u think from d heart the brain takes responsibility. Its a switching between the Indrayas - the Senses.

                      So, Rect undergoes dis transition all of a sudden. She loses her happiness, starts thinking abt every single feeling, starts imagining & living in the past & future, but still her life goes on in the present for Time has no pause button. Suddenly Rect is not able to speak freely with anybody. When she works she gets 2 much obsessed in it. Wen she comes out of it, she s totally scared of  her surroundings. Then she finally loses her senses. Gets into deep thoughts. Travels to a world of aliens, reaches the Mountain peaks, hits the bottom of a deep endless pit!!!

                       When she finally turns 17 she gains back her senses. She comes back 2 sense. Her mind & heart again switch places. She sees things for wat they r!! Finally she wakes up & realizes that "Life is but a Dream", There is Rect blowing the candles & making a wish, "Never to get Indrasia forever in her life", Hope her wish comes true. Lets blow the candles with her & move ON....


                        P.S. This short story has a msg which I leave 2 my readers imagination!

Friday, 14 October 2011

Just like that!!!

           Hi readers, blogging after a long time! Watching avatar on Vijay tv, Nice Movie. OMG, ippadiye vitta touch vittu poiduntu dan innaiku blog panran! Life la sadhika vendiyadu evalavo iruku, "An Idle Mind is a Devil's Workshop!" An Friendship gets formed, nobody can force you into doing something. This is Life,

Sunday, 14 August 2011


                                  There was once a kiddo named Cecilinia, this kid was so attached to Big Momma. She loved Big Momma sooooooooo much, but they had never met each other. Whenever she has a problem, she spoke to Big Momma & Big Momma never let the child down.
                     Cecilinia was told by her parents that if she did her duty with love & passion into it Big Momma would one fine day come & meet her. Cecilinia while she was a kid, always got high ranks & was a Brilliant Student academically & was also a good sportsman. She was an All-Rounder! Her teachers praised her for her determination & hardwork.
                     She completed her schooling with distinction & went to a good College for her higher studies. As a child Cecilinia wanted to be a teacher, but then as she grew older she wanted to be a sportsman & do something for her Nation. But she realised when she stepped into college that Sports was not her cup of tea. Then she fell in love with a guy, it was the First time & she was a person who never believed in 'Love at First Sight', so she just shouted at Big Momma not knowing what to do. Big Momma just told her to follow her heart.

                    Cecilinia then overcame her love for the guy & moved ahead with her studies. Now she wanted to enter a core company & achieve something. Just as she dreamt she got placed in a core company & came to a high position in 5 years time. But then though she was now full of technology & the highest position in her company she wanted to make a difference in the world. So wanted to do something of her life, rather than just being a normal human being. After all how many lifes do we get???

                     The young woman understood that she can't just be a 'Jack of all Trades & Master of None', she had to choose her path. She wanted to make a difference in the society so she chose to become an IAS. She worked very hard & finally made it. She made a difference in the society in about a 10 years time. Now she was 35. But now she didn't want to be an IAS anymore!!!

                      She wanted some adventure, she had saved enough money to go around the world. She went all around the world, went Trekking, participated in 'Tour the France', learnt Horse-riding, learnt Skating & played Basketball with the NBA & just Enjoyed her life. Then she returned to her motherland full of adventures. She was now 38. Her parents were worried since she never got married. But she could never forget her First love. She now returned to her First ambition. She became a teacher.

                       She served as a teacher & had a own unique style in training her students. Her students loved her. She became one with them as she was always young at heart. At 48, she gave up teaching & started her own school. She provided free Education to the poor & then settled doing Social Service. At the age of 63 She finally met Big Momma. In her busy schedule she forgot to go behind Big Momma, & when her journey got completed Big Momma Herself came to Cecilinia.

                       From the story, Big Momma is our creator 'God-The Almighty' & Cecilinia is just you & me. We are not slaves to work for the world. We are here to make a difference. We have to Follow our dreams. We can't all be Masters, we've got to be crew. All of us our equal, but All of us are not same. We are not here to compare or run behind things. We are here to control & conquer the World. God created us as masters. We have to work with Freedom inspired by Love. Work is Worship. Follow our dreams. Live & Cherish the Moment. For we never know what happens next!!! Live, Love & Learn. Live your Life to the Fullest. Happy Living :)


Thursday, 11 August 2011

College I V !!!

                               It was a great day today :) We had our Industrial Visit cancelled due to heavy rain yesterday evening. But the day went great with my Friends :) We had Chappathis, Pooris with Chicken & it was fun with my Friends :) We got caught in class, we played dropping bottles, took snaps :) Wonderful Day :)
We'll have our I V next week & its gonna be even more Fun :) :)

Saturday, 16 July 2011


                    Indeed the worst habit in this world, BACKBITING!!! If u have guts to say it to them EYE TO EYE that's when you are fit to say a thing. Before Speaking think whether you can say what your saying Fearlessly even before the person whom ur speaking about!!! 




Tuesday, 5 July 2011

How Opal Mehta Got Into Harvard!!!

                                            A Good Entertaining Book for the Teens!! Especially Indian Teens. Opal Mehta the 'Centre of Attention' in our story - belongs to an Indian Family settled in the U.S. The novel is about how Opal makes it to Harvard & that being just a nerd & topper is not gonna take you to your Destiny in Life!

                      The story begins with how Opal enters the Harvard Interview with Dean Anderson & is dumb-struck at his very 1st question-"What do you do for FUN?" Since Opal's birth all her parents wanted to do was to get her into Harvard. And Opal being a model-Student & an Implicitly Obedient Parent's Child is pretty well occupied in getting Straight-A's in all her subjects (A 'B' in Biology being her lowest grade all Life!!!) & also in engaging herself in Extra-Curricular activities which includes NO Games but 'Math & Science Quizzes, Lathe classes, & also School Pupil Leader'!!!

                    So with all these Merits being in her Resume ofcourse the Dean is Impressed at 1st, but when he sees her stammer to his very 1st Question he's a bit disappointed & Offers Mehta a 2nd chance (a period of 6 months) in which he insists that Opal Learns LIFE not just BOOKS!!

                    Being disappointed in not being able to make it to Harvard inspite of her Distinctions & Scholarship makes her think if she's seriously on the right track. Then she is backed up by her parents who brought her up this way (Being Focussed on getting her into Harvard that she never really did anything that she wanted to but all for her Parent's Innumerable Sacrifices) by their HOWGIH (How Opal Mehta Gets Into Harvard!!) plan, who now renovate their plan into HOWGAL (How Opal Mehta Gets A Life!!) 

                    The parts where her parents make their child wear mini-skirts just to make her Famous & Prepare checklist even with whom she has to maintain Friendship & Who has to be her BF is all a little too much way out of Proper Parenting. Its like raising up a Robot than a child, until she finally gets to meet Sean, a guy not in her plan but just gets in the way of her life Random.

                    As per the plan Opal has to be Friends with the HBz ( her X-friend Priscilla & her gang) cause they are the Hot-babes of their School & she is supposed to Date Jeff - The School Pupil Leader (Representing Boys) & she is almost at the stage of succeeding in her plan, when she realizes that Jeff's a Jerk & that she's fallen in Love with Sean.

                   So at the Party she throws for her School-mates, her mobile gets interchanged with Priscilla's both being BLACKBERRY models & she is caught red-handed about how she has been using all her Companions for making her get into Harvard!

                  So, everybody just Refrain from being her Friend, & Sean is Hurt over the Fact that he has been used & Finally Opal is left all Alone to Face The Ugly Truth that she was so Obsessed in getting into Harvard that she had not respected people for who they were & just Had no Friends!

                 Now, the 6 months time is over & she is attending her 2nd Interview at Harvard & narrates how she tried to get Wild for the sake of Harvard & how she had realized that she never wanted to be with the HBz & that she really loved Sean & the only thing she wanted in Life was to make it to Harvard. Dean Anderson through his Years of Experienced Wisdom tells Opal "ALL THE BEST WHEREVER YOU GO TO COLLEGE" which makes Opal come to Reality & sit & make her own Decisions & her parents also Realize their fault & give Opal her freedom & a chance to Think of her Life on her Own.

                 This is when Opal is selected to receive  her School's most Prestigious Scholarship which her old Friend & Lab Partner Natalia is more in need of! She just sacrifices it for her & Natalia who was earlier hurt by Opal's behaviour due to the HBz now forgives Opal & so Opal gets her Nerd friends back. Then She starts doing things that she wants to, & dresses & behaves the way which satisfies her & finally Realizes that NO MATTER WHAT HAPPENS WE ALL HAVE OUR OWN INDIVIDUALITY TO WHICH WE HAVE TO STICK TO!

                And Finally, she solves the "FERMICULLI FORMULA", gets her Graduation & friends who love her & also her boy-friend who realizes her love & MAKES IT TO HARVARD realizing the value of relationships & that WORK & FAMILY ARE 2 SEPARATE ISSUES & LIFE REVOLVES BY THE BALANCE OF BOTH :)

Overall it was a Good Read!!!

Monday, 6 June 2011

Be Blithe Spirited!!!

You want me to study, I can keep studying!
You want me to sleep, I can keep sleeping!
You want me to play, I can keep playing!
You want me to achieve, I can keep achieving!
I can do anything & Everything,
But not because you want me 2!
But only because I want 2!!!
Do anything & Everything with Freedom Inspired by Love!!
Self-Respect will take you to to Height,
Keep your Heart White$
Take Things light!!!
That's the way to Live,
Forget the Bad & FORGIVE!


Wednesday, 1 June 2011


                              Cera means Thermal (Heat) &  Gem implies 'the stone' used to produce this heat. Not only the stone but also the people who provide the treatment are pure Gems. In Chennai, Virugambakkam Branch, the Treatment is given for Free. Like they say, 'A Healthy Mind, A Healthy Body'. In this place, they not only provide the treatment for free but also give speeches on Life & Living which make the Listeners very Enthusiastic & Lively. 
                              All through the session, all the Employees are like bright Sunbeams Spreading their Light all Around them :) This is a place where Love is given without any Expectations! 
                              The Treatment goes as follows, there are 15 points where the heat is supplied & each point cures various problems. 

Points and the Benefits
1st Point :- Heals back pain, Knee pain, Kidney stone, Kidney problem, Cholesterol, Skin problem, Arthritis, Disc Problem, Balance Ability, Strength & Stamina, Blood circulation, Blood Production
2nd Point :- Heals Stomach Problems, Ulcer, hernia , Appendices, Intestine Problems , Gas Problem & Weight reduction.
3rd Point :- Heals Diabetes, Gall bladder stone, Liver problem, Jaundice
4th Point :- Heals Wheezing problem, Asthma, TB, Breathing problem ,bronchitis problem
5th Point :- Heals Heart Problem, Vein Problem
6th Point :- Heals Shoulder Pain, High Blood Pressure, Low Blood Pressure
7th Point :- Heals Shoulder pain, Hand numbness, Hand blood circulation
8th Point :- Heals ENT Problems, Sinus , Thyroid, Brain Cells growth, memory power, Head ache, eye pressure
9th Point :- Same as 1st Point
10th Point :- Heals Knee pain, Foot burning, Foot Pain, numbness, weak leg nerves
11th Point :- Heals Prostrate Gland, Testis ,Ovaries, urine infection, urinary bladder problem
12th Point :- Heals Piles ,Fistula , Back problems, Constipation, Prostate Gland
13th Point :- Same as 3rd Point
14th Point :- Same as 2nd Point
15th Point :- Heals abdominal problems, ulcer, Uterus, Irregular menses, white discharge & itching problems.

Address of the Branch at Virugambakkam, Chennai (India):
No.1, Boopathy St, Virugambakkam,
Opp. Market Bus stop & Petrol Bunk,
Chennai - 600092.


Monday, 30 May 2011

Timely Help!!!

                       What are words!!! #Anybody can speak# 'I can do this, I can do that', What's the use?? Only in the hour when we need help, we realize who are True pals are!!

                        I had a similar incident which made me realize my who my True pals are... It happened in my 11th grade. Until my 10th, I was almost always a Success in everything I tried. I even got the 'Best Student Award' in my 10th. But I missed the school 1st in my 10th. That was the beginning of my Depression.

                       In my 11th, we had many new entries in our school. I felt totally out of place. Then one day I completely broke down, Cried my heart out sitting in my school Chapel, that's when I realized the meaning of 'True Friendship', one of my Friend 'Ragavi' tracked me to the Chapel & gave me her piece of her mind. That minute of my life, I realized the value of Friendship, the True essence of Love.

                      Ever since that minute Rags has not only been my Best Friend but also my Well Wisher. Today we are in different colleges doing different courses but our Friendship Will Never Die :)

Thursday, 26 May 2011

Longest English Word!!!

                  The Longest English Word is, 
It is the Inflammation of the lungs caused due to the Inhalation of Silica. 
It is the longest Factitious English Word. 

Its just an Info I wanted to Share. Just a lil. G.K. 

Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Talking of Love!!!

   This is a poem I came across in "Chicken Soup For Indian Soul", I want my readers to come across it 2!!

Over the phone, he said,
My wife died 2 years ago.
I understand, I said.
I lost mine years back...
It still he hurts. Yes, he said.

For all that bigness
He was like a lost child.
As soon as was decently possible
I took him into my arms,
and for the first time
he was able to talk about death
And not weep. For the first time
I was not bitter about my loss.

Two hurts together
Cancel each other out,
or so it seems.
                     by Jane Bhandari


Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Mystery World!!!

Rules! Rules! Rules!
Those who sincerely follow,
Get Deep down into hollow!!
Those who Break,
Are not Considered Fake!!
Those who follow for the sake,
Are not Awake!
Those who really wake,
Follow you for the sake!!!

Read it more than Once ;)


Tuesday, 10 May 2011


           One of the game sites I use since my 10th. I came across it randomly & ever since have enjoyed some of the games in it.

 Mario Games                                   

        The above are some of the game sections. Some of my Favourite games are "Hot Dog Bush, Penguin Diner, Racing Games, Super Mario Cross-over..."  People who are interested in Games can use this site. Have Fun ;)

Sunday, 1 May 2011

I'm Sorry Sis!!!

   I know I musn't have said what I said,                                                            
   I didn't really mean to hurt you :(
   I know it was a bad say, 
   And I know I mus'nt have said it that way.
   I didn't really mean (or) try to prove myself to dad.
   That wasn't my aim,
   It was just that I felt bad when you didn't tel us the Truth, 
   And you directly told it to him.
   Its just that I'm being too Over-conscious about things,
   And expecting too much perfection!
   Its just that you could take even big things light,
   But I turn pale white,
   Even for the lightest mistake!
   Your mistake is not a mistake, 
   But I need time to Realise & take things the way they are!!!
   So once again I'm sorry for hurting you, 
   Love you Always Sis :) Be Blessed :)                                                                                                     

              - Your Loving Sis :)


Thursday, 14 April 2011

A Note To All Parents!!!

Parents, Parents, Parents,
Listen to this poem from this 18 year old!
We realize that you'll have sacrificed a lot for us,
To make us go & grow through Life!
But that doesn't mean you'll have to keep repeating that
And Tormenting us like a Knife!
This is the age where we could falter if no good support is given.
We don't want to really Fall to Rise,
Be there with us All through & make us Wise.
We understand that you'll have done a lot for us,
Have patience for we'll surely return it when its our turn.
I know how much ever we do, it could never compensate for all that u'll have done for us,
But please try to understand, that we are giving all that we can.
Please let us have our way & learn life not just books!
We know what we are doing, all we ask is a drop of your Trust.
Not each one of us might get it in the very 1st try,
But encourage & be there for us, We'll give our Best.
Parents, Parents , Parents,
Please understand us,
The times have changed,
And the Possibilities Rearranged!
When its our time, we'll return our Gratitude,
Until then, please do not discourage us, & change our Attitude
Towards Life & Living.
We love you with all what we have,
Don't judge us by our battles,
We are sure we'll win the War.
Trust us, Be with us & Guide us All Through,
With your support we are sure we'll get through :)

Monday, 21 March 2011

Chicken Soup for the Teenage Soul-Part 2

There was this another poem in this book which very much interested me. I just wanted to share it with my readers. so I'm blogging it. Hope you'll gain something out of it.


When I ask you to listen to me
and you start giving me advice,
you have not done what I asked. When I ask you to listen to me
and you begin to tell me why
I shouldn't feel that way,
you are trampling on my feelings. When I ask you to listen to me
and you feel you have to do something
to solve my problem,
you have failed me, strange as that may seem. Listen! All I ask you is that you listen.
Don't talk or do - just hear me.
Advice is cheap; 20 cents will get
you both Dear Abby and Billy Graham
in the same newspaper. And I can do for myself; I am not helpless.
Maybe discouraged & faltering,
but not helpless.
When you do something for me that I can
and need to do for myself,
you contribute to my fear & inadequacy.
But when you accept as a simple fact
that I feel what I feel,
no matter how irrational,
then I can stop trying to convince
you and get about this business
of understanding what's behind
this irrational feeling.
And when that's clear, the answers are
obvious and I don't need advice.
Irrational feelings make sense when
we understand what's behind them.
Perhaps that's why prayer works, sometimes,
for some people - because God is mute,
and he doesn't give advice or try
to fix things.
God just listens and lets you work
it out for yourself.
So please listen, and just hear me.
And if you want to talk, wait a minute
for your turn - and I will listen to you.

Author Unknown

Ofcourse it takes a lot to speak up, but a lot of Patience to listen.
Remember ,
"A Good Listener is Always a Good Speaker"

Sunday, 20 March 2011

Chicken Soup for the Teenage Soul-Part 1

A  fantabulous  book  of  Experiences  for the Teenagers!!! It contains Stories on Life, Love & Learning. A great deal about relationships, Friendship, Guts, Shyness, Rising from the dead ( rather preventing Suicide), finally getting the kiddos 'Come out with Flying colours'! A must read book for the Teenagers :)

A poem on Friendship from the book!!!


Today I met a great new friend
Who knew me right away
It was funny how she understood
All I had to say

She listened to my problems                         
She listened to my Dreams
We talked about Love & Life
She'd been there, too , it seems

I never once felt Judged by her
She knew just how I felt
She seemed to just accept me
And all the problems that I'd been dealt

She didn't interupt me
Or need to have her say
She just listened very patiently
And didn't go away

I wanted her to understand
How much this meant to me
But as I went to hug her
Something startled me

I put my arms in front of me
And went to pull her nearer
And realized that my new Best Friend
Was nothing but a mirror

Retold by Kimberly Kirberger

No body accepts who u r completely, but we all try to love each other with our imperfections. That's where there is the Blossom of True Friendship :)

Friday, 4 March 2011


After  having  browsed  through  our  generation  writings,  it  was  a  great  change  going  through  one  of  the  Best  19th  century readers  P.G.Wodehouse!! He's got a fascinating writing style & it was great fun & I loved it$


  • Galahad Threepwood (Gally)                   

  • Lady Constance (Connie)

  • Penny Donaldson

  • Jerry Vail

  • Lord Emsworth

  • Maudie (Mrs.Burnsnbury)

  • Lord Vosper

  • Gloria Salt

  • Sebastian Beach the Butler

  • Sir Gregory Parsloe

  • Binstead

  • George Cyril Wellbeloved

  • The Empress (Lord Emsworth's Pig)

  • Queen of Matchingham (Sir Gregory's Pig)


This story is all about the Pig contests that used to be famous in the olden days. The story revolves around the 2 Families, The "Emsworth" family of  Blandings Castle & The "Parsloes" of  The Matchingham Hall. It goes about like this. The "Empress" has been the winner of the conquest for the past 2 years. But, Sir Gregory Parsloe who's been the runner now imports "The Queen of Matchingham" & Challenges Lord Emsworth about his assured Victory the present year.

So the story is all about how Galahad steals Gregory of his pig & how Gregory retaliates to it & finally everything ends well for the Emsworth Family. In between this pig story there is many a love stories that go on in the Blandings Castle between,

  • 'Penny Donaldson'  of the Royal Family & 'Jerry Vail' an author who is yet to make his Fortunes.

  • 'Gloria Salt' a tennis player & 'Lord Vosper' a tennis player & also engaged to Penny Donaldson.

  • 'Maudie' a widower & X-Lover of Gregory  & 'Gregory Parsloe' who was engaged with Glorai Salt.

Thus, the story is all about how these 3 pairs confirm their soul-mates after going through a series of tests  & difficulties & finally find their Right Match.

  • Lady Constance is a woman who expects things to be speck & clean. (Trying to Rule & Guide the Family)

  • Galahad a person of Extra-ordinary temperament & an Extrovert readily solves all problems & finds loopholes to convince Connie.

  • Lord Emsworth - a widower, fond of Pigs & thinks of nothing as life but winning the Contest year after year with "The Empress".

  • Beach, Wellbeloved & Binstead - butler of the 2 Royal families who play a very great part in the stealing & replacement of the pigs (esp. the former 2) along with Galahad who's the plan-maker.

Thus, that makes an overall gist about the story of how finally the 'Made for Each other' gets 2gether inspite of all difficulties & how the Best Truimphs in the end. #A story when read is Enjoyable not because of the contents but of its way oof writing# But not an Excellent Finishing! Otherwise Worth a Read or 2!!!!

Friday, 18 February 2011


This book has recently taken some of my time amidst my busy schedule!! "Five Point Someone" by Chetan Bhagat is a book on wat "Not to Do in IIT". It talks about the lives of 3 students who with great difficulties reach the doorsteps of  'The IIT' with great pride only to end up as "5 Pointers!!" The Bollywood movie "3 Idiots" is almost a Replica of this book, but the film has its own beauty  just as the book has it own admirable subtle details!

IIT- the Best Institution in India for B.E. & B.Tech courses also aims at doing  nothing but having BRAIN DRAIN as  consequences. This is how the author  starts his story by complaining about    the IIT credit system (probably      because he messed up with his      grades!!!) :P  The story  starts with 3  novice students getting introduced 2    each other in a really weird manner            & its all about the Friendship that  blossoms amongst them during their          4 yrs stay in the campus!! This story  deals more with the human feelings    than the usual $'IIT Mechanical            Mind System'$


'5 Point Someone'  is a mixture of

THE Baddies

  • Bunking Classes

  • Copy Assignments

  • Date the Prof's daughter

  • Steal the question papers to get an 'A'

  • C2D (The author calls it 'Co-Operate 2 Dominate'), where the 6 subjects r split as 2 for each of the 3 (prob 2 get screwed in the other subj.)

  • Attend vivas with vodka to boost u up

THE Goodies

  • The Depth of Friendship

  • Love over Lust

  • Keeping up Responsibilties as a son/daughter

  • Be a human than being a m/c

  • Finally be 'A Master of ur Work, not a Slave'

Overall, this book comments on "Do the Don'ts in the IIT"  & the Pleasure & Pain that comes from it!! The '3 heroes' probably 'The 3 Idiots' of our story 'Hari, Alok & Ryan' do all 'Thillalangadi' probably setting an example on 'How not to live in the IIT'! Overall the book was a Pleasure to Read, let alone the little drawbacks that are suppressed once the climax is read# It is worth a Read!!!

Wednesday, 16 February 2011

POWeR RaNGeRS!!!!!

                          Power Rangers one of my favourite tv programme when I was a Kid, Still inspires many kiddos making them think that "Super heroes" really exist(though this Generation is very sharp not to believe in myths)!!! I used 2 come early from school just to watch "Jack" from "SPD" & "Vida" from "MYSTIC FORCE" perform their fantabulous stunts (They r my fav characters), ofcourse They Obviously needed their TEAM support!

How I Always wanted 2 be a Power Ranger when I was a Kid, but then I realised

BEING A POWER RANGER doesn't jus need Colourful Dresses and Superficial Powers, It jus that You NEED 2 Be


We could All be Power Rangers doing our Duties Humbly & being Brave & Helping others Without Xpectin anything in Return$

Thursday, 10 February 2011


A week ago I came by this article, I found it very interesting & just wanted 2 share it!

"Andrea was a lady in her mid 30's returnin from her work from London to Brookbourne. She's been livin in Brookebourne for the past 4 yrs. Its already 11 p.m. & the weather is quite Breezy. Andrea feels cold & lonely.

As she's driving she finds an old lady hitchhiking which she finds very strange at that time of the day. Her loneliness makes her lend a helping hand to the hitchhiker though it is considered Dangerous esp. at late nights!!

The old lady just gets in with a heavy bag & when on inquiry about her where-abouts replies that she is OFF 2 see her old friend in Brookebourne with groceries for he had just had a car breakdown & so she had decided to hitchhike!!

But the OLD LADY speaks from under her hat without facing Andrea in her eyes. Andrea has a suspicious feeling about the stranger & notices that the stranger has 'Hairy arms'. In sometime she realises that the 'Old Lady' was not actually an 'Old lady' but a man!!!!!

She comes up with a Quick plan & pretends to have hit a child and asks the stranger to just check it out. Once the stranger gets OFF the car, she jus raises at high Speed. After having travelled quite some Distance she remembers about the bag and Opens it & SCREAMS!!!!!!





Friday, 4 February 2011

Time for Worrying is Over!!!

Like it is said,

Life is 1% Inspiration & 99% PERSPIRATION.

So What I'm saying is,

"You can't live Life in a Day, so Live it Day by Day"

Enjoy every moment &


Life is not a Tempest

Nor a Midsummer Night's Dream

Its a Comedy of Errors

So Take it As You Like It

courtesy(childhood friend) <3

Tuesday, 1 February 2011


2 months ago,there was a friend of mine, her name being Tina, who was very upset abt her sudden transition from becoming a high school gal to a 'college gal'. I jus asked her, "Hey thr Tina, Howz ur new lyf(col) goin ON!!" I indeed asked her with so much eXpectations!

And she was like,"OMG! Its horrible, Don't ask me abt it#"

I was like, "Y!!!Isn't it time to be enjoyin n ur like!!!!"

"Enjoying! U woudn't say dat if u were in my place. My school was so Heavenly. There was so much fun, love n affection. It was my 2nd Home! But this isn't!! I had multiple roles to play thr, 'As a student, leader, sportsman', n so much more! Here its All just ' Studying'% If u think I'm Blowing my own Trumpet, No I'm not. This is how I feel, Totally screwed up! (No games, No cutting classes) n wats more they cal it a College!"so sayin she broke up with a thud!

What am I to say to such a gal whose just moved into Real life and starting with it All so Negatively! If I say,"I know how you feel" (like many others do at such situations), I'm sure I'm gonna be lying. So I decided to tell her the Universal Truth,"Life has to go ON dear, Keep moving fwd with a Hope for the Better or indeed Best!"

And now after two months, she called me around sometime yesterday, sayin, "I know my college is not gonna be my school. Things have taken a turn n so Have I! I'm egttin used to it! n U knw wat, Things & People aren't  bad as I thought! n Thanks for ur advice-'LIFE HaS 2 Go ON', I'll Keep Movin Fwd, Tc, Bye."

And Here's to All the 1st year students, Take Life Positive. School Life is just a Brush-through. Now is where ur Real life Starts


Saturday, 29 January 2011

Mind Mass!!!

Did You Know!!!

You need to TRUST your Brain for it to Work!! Believe it or not Our Brain is Innumerable Times Powerful than the Computer we Trust!

This is not a Joke! Our Brain is Capable of Storing 10,000 times(even more) information than a computer! Ofcourse your doubt would be 'Whether it can Reproduce it'. Ofcourse it is Capable of that too! Our Brains can Reproduce the Information we Store even Quicker than a computer 'Provided' We TRAIN it Well!

In the Rising times, everybody is behind a Calculator even for simple calculations!!! "Mind Power" is the Best of God's Creations! If only a Human could Master His Brains, he is also capable of mastering the World!!!

A perfect Eg. for miracles of Mind Power would be "The Edward Hughes Story"!!!!

Monday, 24 January 2011

What a System of Education???

"Engineering Colleges"  that's what they call themselves. But everything there seems to be Money. The Students have not yet written their Board Exams, n so soon the Parents stand in Queues to RESERVE a seat for their girls n guys! I was shocked to see a long line in front of my college Admin Block today. When inquired this was the News!!

Its not only 'Colleges' but even schools, Even for L.K.G. Admission they collect "Donations". Like they say #"MONEY MAKES MANY THINGS"#

On top of this, the system of Education??? Well, It is Indeed a Question mark!! There is No Practical Implementation of anything, Children jus have to 'mug up' and reproduce in their papers.

  • Top of ALL the 10th & 12th students, How many Times could one ever read the same book!

  • Not a single Institution which follows the "No. of periods" which is assigned by the Government#

  • Teachers just rush with their portions n even borrow the '1 or 2' available PT classes$

  • The students are treated well on Basis of their marks!

EDUCATION is a Source to make people Stand on their own legs. But does our system of Education do that???

  • Students are scared of Teachers like they are "Devils"

  • Students fear 'Failure of Exams' like thats the only thing in Life

  • They Don't Have the Trust they have on 'Illegal things' on themselves.

  • They get through 'Depressions' n Follow all wrong ways possible!

  • They have become Narrow-minded n Never come to the outside World(Esp. Media is Spoiling them to the abyss)

OVERALL, The 'System of Education' today is making the Students 'Copy-cats' and 'Followers' of the Wrong Route and Ruining the CREATORS in them* :???

Saturday, 22 January 2011

Present Always!!!!!(Part 2)

Indeed every human at one stage of life gets these doubts, If not he's gotta be some alien. Lifelong we search for answers to these Questions.

* Why is that when we are kids we never get such Stupid doubts?

Because thats the only time we really Trust our ownselves, believe our Parents Implicitly, then as we grow we learn from everything and everybody around us,

  • At a certain point everything goes very serene, calm.

  • Whether we have wealth or not, we have Happiness, Peace- which are indeed the two main Essence of life.

  • But then we grow, When we are Kids we'd always want to grow!! want to be Independent.

  • But only after we grow we Realise the Interdependent Society!!

  • We get attached to everything, Money, Luxury, Messed-up relationships, At a certain point When you don't even Trust anybody Around you!! Y not, Indeed you don't even Trust $Yourself$

  • Where's your Inborn Trust? Did you lose it? Did your society make you lose it? OR is it just Hidden and gone to sleep?

Present Always!!!!!!(Part 1)

A canto which I very much try to abide by....,

Trust No Future However Pleasant

Let the Dead Past bury Its Head

Act, Act in the Living Present

Heart within, & GOD overhead!!!

Indeed these words are very echt, why must we trust some unknown Future which is never gonna belong to us. Can't we just believe our present & move #ON# Especially this Teenage, for everything you get doubts,

  • What's the purpose of my LIFE?

  • What is Life?

  • Am I being Good?

  • Am I being Selfish or is it the people around me????

  • Have I changed or is it the World Around!!!

This is Ofcourse just a sample of Questions that arise, There are Ennumerable Questions yet unanswered!!!!
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