Tuesday, 4 February 2014


     I recently heard about this movie, & just gave it a try. A Walt Disney Productions. A movie about a Kid who just moves into town to live with her aunt. Her aunt is a person who just tries to be picture person & is so much blocked so as not to show her much love. Perhaps her years of being that way has made her Emotionless!
    Pollyanna the little girl moves into town with her little, beautiful game, "THE GLAD GAME". Now, in this game we could just figure out reasons to be glad from any situation we are in. Its like to try to see the Positive in any Situation, at any cost.
    Taken in a very Natural way, quite Emotional & the acting part is Spectacular by each one of them who have performed. Its very Beautiful to watch , a very Colourful & Lovely movie that could just make us think of a lot of things in a very different manner than how we just see things.

A Good Movie to Watch :) Made my Day ;)

Monday, 3 February 2014

12th Std :) :)

My Final Year of School Life !!!!
Wow, Entering 12th Std is awesome. My whole gang, v r big & Strong & really Close now :) We call ourselves Gangsters & most of us are Captains & also BasketBall players :) so, though we are given a lot of work we are all mostly together & its really Mass Fun :)
The special classes begin & we enter the classes after our practice sessions. OMG, Mathematics, my most favorite subject, but still I really feel sleepy by the way it is taken, Sorry maam, I'm not blaming u, but ur really making me feel very sleepy, so here we go, my tall friend in front of me, my fat friend by my left side, & here I am near the window side, cozy enough & dozing off... Wow a Gr8 sleep!!!
Next follows the Language classes. For those of us in the Tamil class, its always been the Best Snack time. Tamil book in front, snack box on the inner side, & in the very 1st bench. Awesome taste, the tamil classes were ofcourse good, but the Snacking parts have always been the Best part of the Tamil classes ;)
Thanks to our Hindi teacher who once caught us Red-handed, but did not complain to our Tamil Miss. Thank u so much maam :)
Events in the 12th Std!!!
1st Memorable event was our Investiture, we had to take oaths for our Captainships. 2 weeks of practice & the trip to the tailor shop for our Uniforms. So beautifully spent with some of the Best people i've ever met in life :) Then finally, the day of the event!!! The slow walking, the pledges we took, the Badges pinned by our principal on our Uniform, & the Beginning of a new phase, Being a 'House Games Captain'. A new Adventure, Full of Excitement, Anxiety, Responsibility, Overall a new phase, I really had no idea, how big a event all this was back then. But to think of all that now, every second seems Big, an Opportunity, Moments of Gratitude :) Its lovely. The Investiture went really well, & now we are all Excited how this year is going to be!!!
Annual Sports Meet:
All 4 houses preparing with full Vigor. Most of the time in the Field with the juniors for the Selections & practicing the Class Event, March Past, all after the BasketBall Practice Sessions. Eating Glucose with juniors, Juniors Showering their love when we are Thirsty & in need of water, (Lovely Juniors) so grateful for such lovely people, (thirudiyavudhu engaluku thanni kudutheenga ;)) Thank u lovely dolls :) Getting Scoldings from Sr. Josie, was one of the Best parts of CaptainShip. Whenever , wherever she sees a Captain she never forgets to scold us, "Proud Peacocks-Her favorite word" , God Bless her Sincerity, Nevertheless she is a Wonderful person when spoken in private. Finally the Day of Sports :D Drawing the Tracks with that Kola Maavu, Doing Tent Decoration with House Color Balloons & finally the Event. March Past, Saluting & Holding that torch & running on the Track, Awesome Feel, so cool!!! And my favorite Event - "The 100m Hurdles", just loved every Second of the practice sessions as well as the finals :) All the Athletic Events, Class Game, Every bit of the Shouting & cheering & encouragement I've given & that was given to me, I'm thankful & in Love with every minute of it :) Thank u God for all of it :) Overall the Sports Day Event was a Grand Success.
Sometimes I've been a good Captain , Sometimes an angry one, I'm really Sorry for the times I've been Harsh kiddos, I really never meant to but I was so Stressed to be Calm or I didn't really have the Experience & Calmness at that time to nurture you kids. So eventually Sometimes I was Harsh. Finally, The Sports Event Went well. The Scorings weren't that Bad. We were all in Close Quarters, & it was a Good Game for all of us.
Next chance to Bunk the Classes!! Junior Dramatics & Senior Dramatics. In the Junior Section, We had done "King Lear", it was one of the Best way my House Dramatics Captain had portrayed the play. Adding Sense of Humour to "King Lear", Thanks so much to her Extraordinary Brains, the play had come out so well. Nevertheless, Every one of them Enjoyed it, & we had secured the 1st place. In the Senior Section, it was "Sherlock Holmes" , it didn't turn out really gr8, but it was quite an Experience for all of us . I loved that too.
This year we were again Winners of the Tournament & it was really cool beating PSBB in the Finals. Then the rest of the Tournaments this year were also awesome , Especially the Back to back playing in "Montfort State Level Tournament", how we secured the 3rd place by the last minute Basket & Free throws, & our Improvisations in the "Vidhyodhaya Tournament" , & Our Final match without practice in the "Chettinad Vidhyashram" Tournament & we got Runner-Up. All of it, is like a Dream to think of now!!!
Teacher's Day Pre-Preparation:
The Game conducted for the teachers & the Toasts we prepared as a Gang for all of them , the fun we had, the love we shared. Everything was so good. How we got toasters of our own, Cut the Vegetables in the School Kindergarten, Backyard, & the Finger cuts during the Vegetable cutting, the Kid like treatment between friends, Love Love Love. That's all I've ever felt in our School. Then the Bingo Game Conducted as well as the Outdoor Ball Game for teachers & Workers & Finalising the Winners. Every minute, Excellent.
The Dance preparation for the Teachers Day in sappa's House & aunty's Chakara Pongal, Yummy !!!
Teacher's Day:
Finally on Teacher's Day, our Gang's performance was such a Mass Hit . The Flooring part earned such gr8 applauds & the Presentation also was a good hit. Overall the whole day was so much Fun :D
Children's Day:
This was yet another important day in which all of u wore Half-Saree. So pretty!!! Last Children's Day & the Performance our teachers & princi gave was awesome.
The Birthday Parties:
Our Gang's Spl Idea!! Every month Birthday Celebration. From July to February!! Each month the Cakes we cut in our school field, the Fresh Bakes Party on November, Spencers on December & Gangotri for the Jan & Feb, & how everybody was banned from going to Fresh Bakes after we got caught as Anonymous ;) The most memorable Birthday Celebration in Central Station after our Excursion. Such Memorable Moments :) :D Loved them all ;)
The Tour to Kerela , the Boating in Cochin, the fight for Room members, the early morning Reception Calls, the awesome meals, & the most awaited Bonfire, also the Sleepy bus journeys Everything was really fun , especially with u guys around :) 
Farewell :
The Farewell Party!!! All of us in Sarees !!! It was really difficult walking with all that heels & Saree for the 1st time in my Life!!! The Awesome Performances by our Juniors! Simply Mind Blowing!!! The Ramp Walks, The Games Conducted. Every minute was fun :D
The Board Exams :
The Board Exams, Something we've been preparing for , for a very long time! Though we started seriously only after the CV tournament. The Boards, it went well & we all secured good marks , now each of us doing our Interested Streams in our own ways in different Institutions! Every thing is sometimes like a dream!!!
Somethings in life we think is permanent & keep too many Expectations & dreams & they all get broken right in front of our eyes, changing to things we've never been ready for or could never take in, finally to end up only in a much better way than even what we had planned. 
I thought my school was my life, I loved every thing about it, As long as I had it with me, it was so close to me & I never realized how important & how much I loved it, until I moved out of it. But then I realized  , Nothing is permanent in life, & there is a greater power in the Universe which is beyond the Power of u & me, which has certain things already Reserved for us. That Power knows what we Deserve much more than we ourselves know. That Power is within each one of us. Call it God, Call it Subconscious mind, Call it the Power of the Now. What ever it is, Sometimes its just Beautiful to feel the Life just around us than to dwell in the Past or Future. For in the Now, there are many things that can be done.
Thank u So much God for every moment of my life so far, my happy moments have been gr8 memories , my tough moments have been my gr8test lessons, & my Present life is being a total Surprise, cause every moment I'm getting a better idea about how my future is going to be carved.