Friday, 28 February 2014

Sometimes too much Happiness Becomes Boring :P

I just realized too much of Happiness also can sometimes become boring. Its because we have so much of Happiness that when something starts going wrong we begin to feel sad. When we are prepared for both with an open heart. both will seem simple & easier to Face. That is why maybe Life Balances us with both Happy & Sad moments side by side.

I am Blessed :)

Dear God my Heavenly Father,
                                             Whatever I went thru today, has been beyond my Expectations & Real Blessings I could Treasure a Lifetime. Its been a gr8 day :) From the time I woke up till now, every single second has been a Blessing , I feel really Thankful for this day :) Everyday is not gonna be today, Just because I've had so much fun today, doesn't mean I'm not gonna have hard situations to face in Life anymore. It just means that ur gonna be with me thru all of it & give me the Strength to face those moments as much as u've been there with me in my Happy moments. I love this Second of my Life, I treasure it & I know ur always there for me even if the Whole world Lets me down :)

Talkin to my fears!!

Hey Fear,
              I'm tired of Running away from u. Look! I've chosen to Be BRAVE. I'm not gonna run away from u anymore. I've CHOSEN TO FACE U. If u have Enough guts , come in front of me. I'm sure I'm gonna Knock u down. Negative fears , u have no rights to be in my Heart anymore. As for Positive fears, u guys help me grow & be on the Right track, I'm gonna take hold of u guys & use u in the Right way.
So common, The Game is ON ;)

Enjoying my Day with my Dad :D

           Wow, after so many years, I've got an whole day to spend with my dad :) :) :)
I'm really enjoying every minute of it. I'm Torturing him , combing his hair, keeping spikes for him, making Fun of whatever he speaks ;) OMG, dis Happiness is Priceless & beyond Words :D I'm Loving every second of it. Thanks to the Gods for giving me such a Priceless moment with my Dad :)
Happy Day Everybody :)

Kalam innum Nalla Kalamdam ;)

Tired from my mrn practice , I got ready for my Kungfu classes at 6 pm, had left my cycle on the platform outside my house thinking for sure I'd be going for my class!Since I felt very tired I fell asleep forgot everything else & just got up for dinner & slept again.
My Dad asking for my cycle key, "Its on my table pa", & again rolling on the sofa. My dad, suddenly, shocked coming & telling me, "ur cycle is not in the house!" Just coming to my memory, "OMG, I left it on the platform outside last evening, irukumantu vera theriyalaye! ayyaiyo!", Ezhundu ore odu, vella poi pakaran, Platformla Cycle ah kanum! Mindvoice, "Sethan, appa avladan, iniku Deepavalli dana! Pochu po", apdiye opposite side oru look! Ethir platform la patha en cycle, andha Cycle ah vanguna naala vida innum solla mudiyadha oru Sandosham :D "Happada, Appa kitendhu Escape ah, Super, yaru andha mavarasano, Nalla Irukatum",Seriously, when people are so careful they tend to lose things. But me inspite of being careless, I'm really lucky to have not lost my cycle! Whoever kept my cycle with so much care on a safe end of the road without letting it be lost, I'm really Grateful from the bottom of my Heart for such a wonderful Blessing in disguise to me. Whoever u r, God Bless ur Soul. Thank u so Much .

Wednesday, 26 February 2014

To Parents & Teachers & all Elders.

Dearest Parents, Teachers & all Elders, 
Sometimes I just wonder, When i was a Child I had no Restrictions! Anything & Everything I was ready to do & Move on. But at some point, I just started feeling this pain in my Heart, the feeling of fear. Cause When I did things with so much Enthusiasm, most times I was hurt. And I have no idea y I took things so personally, but still, don't do this, don't do that, wait a minute! Just because I'm small & just because ur physically Big does it mean Everything u say has to be Accepted!!! U guys were once small too!!! How could u guys forget the way u came from. How could u guys forget the Source!!
U don't do a thing cause u know why not to do it, if that is so, y don't u guys guide us & explain & make us see the point & stand up for our own selves & make a decision rather than just holding on to ur points which is being pretty meaningless to us. We are not disrespecting u guys, we just need a purpose, we just need  a reason, just to figure out things for our own selves rather than following things blindly. Cause we are Humans. Just because a Machine listens to u without Questioning u , doesn't mean we r gonna be the same.
Take one step towards us with Love, we have more than enough Gratitude in our hearts to Express than u guys could ever Imagine.

Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Pannaiyarum Padminiyum ;)

                First & foremost I would like to thank the whole crew for giving such a good movie. After a very long time, I really feel Happy & Good after watching a movie. The film is a mixture of everything, It has so much of Love in it!! All dealing with such subtle Human feelings!

 Especially the Love between the two Elderly people, so prettily expressed, so Beautifully expressed, So lovingly Expressed. The Love is Expressed in Such a way that we could just feel the Beauty & Purity of it Tremendously. Wonderful Acting. Everything is so natural & Realistic.
 There is not a Single fake thing I feel about the film, Every bit of it is so human & Realistic.
Its such a Wonder for such a movie to have been taken at this point of time when most films are so unnatural, this film is a very Genuine movie which has given a lot of meaning to the film Industry, & I feel Lucky to have watched this movie.
There was fun, Comedy, Emotions, Romance, Silly & Cute fights, Subtle & Real Heroism, Love beyond Lust.
Overall this movie has made my Day. I feel Lucky, Happy & content & complete with a Movie after a Long time. Thank u Crew for Producing One of the Best Movies .

Unakaga pirandene Enadazhaga!!!

A very nice, & subtle, cute Love Song. Very Pleasant to Hear & the Romance is shown beautifully in a very very cute manner. Its just so pure & Lovely to see the song. Even if we grow up, there is no limit to showing love & especially when both of them play small tricks on each other just like kids its so damn Cute to watch it!!! Loved every moment of the Song. A Wonderful Watch :D Thanks to the Movie crew for such a Wonderful Song :)