Thursday, 1 December 2011

Fiction Myth!!

                                Hi readers, dis s an imaginary story! Hope u'll enjoy reading it!
                      Long long ago, so long ago, there lived a girl named Rectalina. She was really a very beautiful & pretty young lady Xcept dat her face was rectangular in shape. Its just 2 days before Rect could turn 16 wen d great disater happened. She underwent a disease named Indrasia. Now dis  Indrasia is something to do with the heart & the brain.Wat happens s, al dat s supposed 2 be done by the brain, the heart takes responsibility & al that u think from d heart the brain takes responsibility. Its a switching between the Indrayas - the Senses.

                      So, Rect undergoes dis transition all of a sudden. She loses her happiness, starts thinking abt every single feeling, starts imagining & living in the past & future, but still her life goes on in the present for Time has no pause button. Suddenly Rect is not able to speak freely with anybody. When she works she gets 2 much obsessed in it. Wen she comes out of it, she s totally scared of  her surroundings. Then she finally loses her senses. Gets into deep thoughts. Travels to a world of aliens, reaches the Mountain peaks, hits the bottom of a deep endless pit!!!

                       When she finally turns 17 she gains back her senses. She comes back 2 sense. Her mind & heart again switch places. She sees things for wat they r!! Finally she wakes up & realizes that "Life is but a Dream", There is Rect blowing the candles & making a wish, "Never to get Indrasia forever in her life", Hope her wish comes true. Lets blow the candles with her & move ON....


                        P.S. This short story has a msg which I leave 2 my readers imagination!