Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Every Day is an Adventure :) ;) :D Lucky me :D

The world is filled with Life & so am I :) Yet another day filled with Love & adventure :)
Having my Internal exams, Got ready usual timing only, but I'm gonna cross the road & my bus just passed me! Last bus for my stopping. Gone it is :( Missed my College Bus! Thank God, had my Breakfast.
What shall I do???
MTC dan!!!
Kaila nil amt!
veetuku poitu vara mudiyadhu!!!
Thank God pakathula therinja thatha irukanga, Thatha pethiku 30Rs kadan pls. Nalla vela , thatha irundaru, got a 30Rs from him & took a share auto to Porur.
20Rs left!
Gotta reach College!
Thinking of a way!!!
Kadavul attum SVCE bus. Driver anna nan avanga college ponnuntu ninaichu pathar. Nanum pathan. Ok, On the way danantu yeriten. Yeritu,
Nan,  "Anna Panimalar college na",
Avaru, "Yenma Bus varala?"
Nan, "Late ayiduchu na"
Avaru, "Paravalama ukkaru"
Deivame, I felt really lucky!!! Thank God, if not for him I would not have been able to attend my exam on time today!
Thanks to his big heart, I was able to reach my college on time.
Reached College, Studied nothing!!!
10 mins left for the Exam.
I knew only 2 theory & 2 problems.
Next on my Thank u list, Varthini, my class friend :)
2 marks yellathuyum apdiye oru browse, mre 2 problems stuffing into my brains.
Here goes the exam bell ,Trrrrrrrriiiiiiiiiiiinnnggggggggggggggg !!!
Thanks a lot Varthini, because of u I'm sure I'm gonna score well today :)
Entered the exam hall, starting with 2 marks! Attended 8 2marks perfectly. Fulla ukandhu padichirindha kuda ivla nalla ezhudirupanantu theriyala!!! Problems kum solution apdiye takku takkuntu aruvi yattum varudhu! OMG! Its a medical miracle!
Finished my Paper by 10. More 1 hour 15 mins left! Awesome exam! Had so much fun writing it :)
Overall it was a Great day :) Thanks so much to all who helped me today :) Love u all :)

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