Thursday, 10 April 2014

To the Mango tree next door!!!

Summer is ON,
Winter is gone,
And the next door Mango tree is beaming alive with all its fruits once again,
Oh dear Mango tree,
Every year I see
You growing up & bearing all those ripe mangoes;

I shake your branches for fruits,
You are firmly grounded in your roots,
And that stick with the nail,
Right on your branch!
One pull, and down goes the Fruit.
One thud on the Ground,
With tup & all that Sound!

My dad, bro, uncle, sis & I
Waiting for this time of the year
To get together & Tease you,
To grant us your wishes of Ripe & sweet mangoes.

You grow up so far,
Your mangoes are never Sour.
Your such a companion to me,
Hope you will forever be. 

Dear Mango tree,
Growing next door upto our terrace,
Thank you for all the fruits you bear,
We give our neighbours an equal share,
So this year show me what you've got baby ;)
Love you for all that you are :D


Sunday, 6 April 2014

Thank You Universe, Thank You God for such a Wonderful Day :)

Speaking of today, I don't know where to begin??? It was such a gr8 day in my Life. From beginning till end, I am bubbling with Happiness out here, & my Happiness knows no Bounds.
Today was the Belt Issue function in my Kungfu class. Moving over from Yellow to Orange belt!!! Wow!!! That's so cool, my next step in Kungfu. We enter Orange belt, we could begin with weapons, something I've been waiting for a long time, Also snake lesson !!! OMG , Bless the Days to come, let them be awesome & Lovely filled with Love, Happiness & Life.
Going over to today,
First I had my Taichi classes in the morning at 11, we had to practice for the evening's performance & it was so funny when we had no co-ordination & Master corrected our mistakes. We really had so much fun preparing for that performance. Thank you so much Master for correcting us & helping us give such a good performance. The applauds sure go to you, the efforts to us ;)
4 pm, reached class, & we had a lot of work, like arranging the chairs, blowing the balloons, I learnt to tie the balloon without a thread, Thanks to Guna senior for that, then got ready for the function.
5 pm, The function started by 5.30 & the performances given by each one of the Students was Excellent, Efforts of so many days, put together & the fruits they bore was Excellent. The efforts felt worth it. Each one of you guys was awesome, Bless you all.
Then it was so much Fun, performing that event on Self Defense, it was such a gr8 composition by Anil Master, Thank you Master for that, I really enjoyed practicing that script with my Seniors, it was awesome, I'm sorry I hit you guys a little hard :P OMG, the applauds we got for that event ! Cool, really cool.
Then the Taichi performance, I was really shivering, but we synced so well, & Anil Master said that we did well!! OMG, I doing Taichi well, hearing it for the 1st time, made me soooo glad :D
And finally the Belt distributions, standing with that plate to distribute the belts was quite a girly girly experience, I've seen that being done in my college functions, it was really fun to be a part of that Experience & I really loved & enjoyed that part 2 :)
And to get that Orange belt, Yellow to Orange :) Wow what a Glad moment.
But what's more, MY PARENTS spoke about me!!! They spoke about how I made through my Depression, how I've crossed over the pain, how my Kungfu class has helped me come out my pains & made me a really Stable person, more than Every thing else, this is what MADE MY DAY :) :D MY PARENT'S LOVE, THAT'S THE BIGGEST BLESSING IN MY LIFE TO ME & I'M SO GLAD ABOUT BEING WHO I AM & OF BEING MY PARENT'S CHILD. What ever my Destination is, my Parent's Love for my sister & me would never change. They are such a Blessing to us :) I'm glad the day ended the way it has, it was such an Emotional Experience for me, & I loved every minute of it. After all these events I played Ball with Srijith, my Master's cute kid. He too made my day.
Thank you each one of you guys , you guys made my day & it was so amazing being a part of such a gr8 event. Thanks so much to the Almighty for granting me such gr8 Blessings. I feel Blessed. I feel Lovely, Happy & my Happiness knows no Bounds. Lovely Day :)

Gr8 Day :)