Tuesday, 4 February 2014


     I recently heard about this movie, & just gave it a try. A Walt Disney Productions. A movie about a Kid who just moves into town to live with her aunt. Her aunt is a person who just tries to be picture person & is so much blocked so as not to show her much love. Perhaps her years of being that way has made her Emotionless!
    Pollyanna the little girl moves into town with her little, beautiful game, "THE GLAD GAME". Now, in this game we could just figure out reasons to be glad from any situation we are in. Its like to try to see the Positive in any Situation, at any cost.
    Taken in a very Natural way, quite Emotional & the acting part is Spectacular by each one of them who have performed. Its very Beautiful to watch , a very Colourful & Lovely movie that could just make us think of a lot of things in a very different manner than how we just see things.

A Good Movie to Watch :) Made my Day ;)

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