Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Have a Happy Journey Sis :)

Dear Priya,
                  First of all, Have a Happy Journey, This is gonna be a new phase in ur Life, & I just wish it brings u all the Happiness in the Whole World. I wish u & Bharath Mama  "A Very Happy & Prosperous Life Ahead :) "

Now this is gonna be a Transition for me too. Maybe I sometimes act like I'm a philosopher, but somewhere deep inside I"m still a Kid who is always wanting to grow & learning to control my Emotions :) ;) Though I was firm faced & trying to smile when u left, u just dunno how my Expression is at this moment. Yes I'm crying like a Kid. We've spent years together & u've been one of my Standing supports always. U've been there by my side at my failures, though u always say the opposite of what I Expect, U've tried to control me saying, "Overa Adada", when I just have Boosted my Confidence, U've Discouraged me many times when I just feel up & U've Encouraged me many more times during the times of my Failures.

U've always been there by my side to keep on & on Speaking more than Listening, though Recently its being a little Reverse ;) :P Just Remembering all those sweet moments we've shared ever since we were Kids!

I was a kid, & u were in ur 4th or 5th, How u used to irritate me u Bloody Idiot, What a Lovely kid I was, & u used to make me Run behind u like u were a Big Fairy Angel, & I used to go behind u Innocently, "Priya akka, Priya akka", I still Remember those times, u donkey , Crazy Donkey, but Remember, How I used to keep Asking Dad when I was in Balacca , "I want to go to the School where Priya akka goes!" & then When they joined me there, How I used to be Singing, "Nan Schoolukku Po mattan", & I had to compelled to go & sit in that class, with all those bars so we would not run out. Curse them man.

Remember our Watch fight, I still Remember how I made u cry, there no more "Priya akkas" , now I'm a Don 2 :D Then what about the times in which I took 2 weeks leave to school & u had to get the notes from Mrs.Barbarra who teased u so much! HAHAHA , I remember how u used to complain wen u cum bak home. That was Funny, I was happily lying on the bed & laughing :D

1st Std,
Idlis Everyday!!! eeeeeeeeeee, how mom used to torture us giving us Idlis everyday & how Variety Rice was really Exciting to us when we got it after a long span of Idlis.

3rd Std,
Remember the time I got admitted in Hospital & u had Fried Rice in our canteen without me & how I had fried rice leaving u when I came back! Wow, Yummy Taste, no other canteen aunties came with that tasty kaimanam after that.

4th Std,
I had a gr8 time when I sat with u & ur friends for sumtime. Thanks for dose times. But den I found my own set of people to mingle with.

6th Std,
U were in 12th, u were a "Social Service Captain ", OMG what a lot of Fans! When dey used to call me "Jayanthy thangachi, Jayanthy thangachi" , I used to get irritated. Not because I was jealous of u, I sure admired u for all ur Talents , Especially the Role u played in Dramatics , it was awesome :) Its just I like to be just seen for who I am as a person & a human being, Rather than being a Somebody's something or being called by some position. I wasn't Born with all that, neither am I gonna die with all that. K K, that's enough of Philosophy!! yeah, after 6th, no more u in school, I had to face the rest of the 6 years by myself. This is the time I got a new Gang, which lasted till my 12th & Still & hope it just Lasts forever. Gangsters, Lovely Idiots.

7th Std,
U grow up, go to college, I grow up, & start sharing Everything that ever happens in school with u like u are my mirror image. And u patiently listen, most times giving boring advices, which I follow Blindly cause I Love u!!! This is the time, I entered BasketBall, just 1 week for the Zonalds, & being selected for the school team in the Sub junior category! Wow I'm Excited :)

8th Std,
Things are getting Busy!! Studies & Games, Both going well. U having ur own College Life, ur Friends & Fun. We speak , but not a lot. Getting Busy in our own ways.

9th Std,
I try to speak to u , & ur like, "Common I have my own life, I don't have to keep listening to u all the time!" At the time it hurted me a lot. This is when i distanced from u , U were in ur teens & probably u need more Privacy. I get it now. But den our Relationship status had changed.

10th Std,
I was too Busy , I did not even have the time to speak to u. I was indeed very Stressed & Arrogant! Everybody who see me keeps advicing, Encouraging & Expecting. I've never been so Stressed in my Life before. Parents, Relatives, Vino Sir, Anand Sir, Sr. Josie, The Best Student Award, Centum Expectation in Maths, OMG This was like Hell, I've never doubted myself so much! I've never been so thorough & never have been this hughhhhhh, just waiting for my Boards 2 get over! PAAAAAAAA, to secure that 465/500 missing the school rank by 10 marks & 99% in maths, I still have no idea where I missed the 1 mark , & how Mrs. Devi was sad I missed the centum & how much it hurted me! Sometimes it still hurts me. But I've just learnt to love myself. I tried what I could. Maybe that was what was meant for me. The trip to Mumbai was Relaxing after the Boards :) Though u weren't able to accompany.

11th Std,
Wonder what's wrong with me, I just think too much. New members in the Basketball team, u got placed & had to move to Mysore, I missed u like Hell, crying Day & night, thank God I was still in the Main 5 in the team, BasketBall was my only Relief from all the Problems. 11th was awesome. The maximum no. of Tournaments was at this time. Most times , no school,  but kept going for all Tournaments, the matches we played, the Experience we had as a team, brought us all together & it was really a gr8 time to be with my Gang, we called ourselves Gangsters & naanga panna arathu iruke, appadi irundichu :) u were in Mysore all dis tym, & I remember the December Tour, Hell lot of fun we had together as a Family. Just Mom, Dad, u & me. I loved it :)

12th Std,
I don't think I ever studied in 12th, it was even more fun. Almost all my gang members were Captains, it was so much fun being 'Blue House Games Captain', How we used to fight over Red & Blue, cause u were in Red House & I in Blue House. This year also we had many Tournaments & u'l were always nagging me to Study. But till January we Had Matches, & Feb Study Holidays I studied like a Pei, Day & Night, Happa How I was, I don't Remember anything else except how veriya I was preparing dat 1 week, yellam oru peedhi dan, unga kittalam yaru thittu vangaradhu. Finally, the Board Results, Thank God it saved me, got an Engineering seat in Counseling.

Remember, how Happy I was once I picked Panimalar Engg College, & Remember the Conversation after I came out with u, Oodhana Baloon la Kathu pudingi vitta mari panna, at 1st I was disappointed, but now I'm thankful for finding myself back, I don't think any other place would have been apt for the purpose.

College 1st year,
I was very Busy dat I din't even care to speak to u. Unless the 2nd sem, something funny happened in college. Remember all dat. Craziest moments ever.

College 2nd year,
We've just started getting back to our normal states of Conversation.

College 3rd year,
How much ever u'l tel me to study, I'm not even touching my book. Now, I'm more matured (sometimes) than u, atleast I act more matured :P & u r d one seeking all d advice from me ;)

Final Year,
Ur married & have to Leave to Bangalore, & here I am giving u My HEARTIEST WISHES, for u to HAVE THE BEST OF BEST IN THE YEARS TO COME :) :D

With all the Love from God, Have A Happy & Fun Filled & Prosperous Life for the years to come :)

Once again,
Wish u a very Happy Life Ahead :)

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