Sunday, 1 May 2011

I'm Sorry Sis!!!

   I know I musn't have said what I said,                                                            
   I didn't really mean to hurt you :(
   I know it was a bad say, 
   And I know I mus'nt have said it that way.
   I didn't really mean (or) try to prove myself to dad.
   That wasn't my aim,
   It was just that I felt bad when you didn't tel us the Truth, 
   And you directly told it to him.
   Its just that I'm being too Over-conscious about things,
   And expecting too much perfection!
   Its just that you could take even big things light,
   But I turn pale white,
   Even for the lightest mistake!
   Your mistake is not a mistake, 
   But I need time to Realise & take things the way they are!!!
   So once again I'm sorry for hurting you, 
   Love you Always Sis :) Be Blessed :)                                                                                                     

              - Your Loving Sis :)