Saturday, 29 January 2011

Mind Mass!!!

Did You Know!!!

You need to TRUST your Brain for it to Work!! Believe it or not Our Brain is Innumerable Times Powerful than the Computer we Trust!

This is not a Joke! Our Brain is Capable of Storing 10,000 times(even more) information than a computer! Ofcourse your doubt would be 'Whether it can Reproduce it'. Ofcourse it is Capable of that too! Our Brains can Reproduce the Information we Store even Quicker than a computer 'Provided' We TRAIN it Well!

In the Rising times, everybody is behind a Calculator even for simple calculations!!! "Mind Power" is the Best of God's Creations! If only a Human could Master His Brains, he is also capable of mastering the World!!!

A perfect Eg. for miracles of Mind Power would be "The Edward Hughes Story"!!!!

Monday, 24 January 2011

What a System of Education???

"Engineering Colleges"  that's what they call themselves. But everything there seems to be Money. The Students have not yet written their Board Exams, n so soon the Parents stand in Queues to RESERVE a seat for their girls n guys! I was shocked to see a long line in front of my college Admin Block today. When inquired this was the News!!

Its not only 'Colleges' but even schools, Even for L.K.G. Admission they collect "Donations". Like they say #"MONEY MAKES MANY THINGS"#

On top of this, the system of Education??? Well, It is Indeed a Question mark!! There is No Practical Implementation of anything, Children jus have to 'mug up' and reproduce in their papers.

  • Top of ALL the 10th & 12th students, How many Times could one ever read the same book!

  • Not a single Institution which follows the "No. of periods" which is assigned by the Government#

  • Teachers just rush with their portions n even borrow the '1 or 2' available PT classes$

  • The students are treated well on Basis of their marks!

EDUCATION is a Source to make people Stand on their own legs. But does our system of Education do that???

  • Students are scared of Teachers like they are "Devils"

  • Students fear 'Failure of Exams' like thats the only thing in Life

  • They Don't Have the Trust they have on 'Illegal things' on themselves.

  • They get through 'Depressions' n Follow all wrong ways possible!

  • They have become Narrow-minded n Never come to the outside World(Esp. Media is Spoiling them to the abyss)

OVERALL, The 'System of Education' today is making the Students 'Copy-cats' and 'Followers' of the Wrong Route and Ruining the CREATORS in them* :???