Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Dreams come True!!!

After 6 years of continuous Prayers and Perseverance to get a career in the field of Sports, The Universe seems to have answered my prayers finally. Beginning my Career as a Martial Arts Instructor at Chinese Black Tiger Kung-Fu Association from Dec 1st.

Feeling Blessed., Happieee., Challenging and Amazed at how prayers and Hard work changes our lives from the pit and brings it to a real standpoint.

Looking forward to have an Established career .

Thank you God for always pulling me to the right path and Keeping me on track and protecting me from all hindrance. Always guide me and make me tread the righteous path.

Ever Faithful
Karthiga G 

Saturday, 12 March 2016

What's my Career???

Completed Engineering for my Parents. Though I like to learn the working of machines, its just not my passion.

What is my Career?

Dear Universe,

Please guide me, Connect me to my Deeper Sense of Self and Help me Figure out what I want of my Life, what is that I want to make as my Profession.

I'm Really Thankful for my Job, but I'm sure this is not my cup of Tea. Please Guide me and Help me Succeed in my Passion.

Show me the path. Lead me , Guide me in your Holy Way.

Love ,

I share this link, cause I found it informative and useful.

Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Happieee Women's Day to all the Lovely women in this World !!!

Started my Day with Exercise, Did Taichi for 30 minutes and practiced Kungfu and Gymnastics for an hour and a half, and feeling the Gusto and Energy whole day long. Overall an Energetic Day!!! (No wonder I'm sitting in front of my Blog :P )

On this Wonderful Day,  I just want to share some Experiences.

Had my Night Shift yesterday and had to come back home by Public Transport Early morning. At 6 am Standing in the Bus stop and waiting for a Bus or Share auto. Finally Learning to Face my Fears.
Standing there , many thoughts coming to mind, I started watching my Thoughts.

"What if somebody attacks me.?" "What if somebody Kidnaps me?" "OMG!! What if somebody comes for my purse, my Mobile!!!" Many more scary and Funny thoughts!!!

I said to myself, "Karthi Calm , Take a deep breathe in and breathe out and please look around. Look around and see the Reality. All is good. People just like you moving on with their Everyday chores. They are also Running for a Living just like You. Nobody has the Time for any nonsense. So, please start Thinking Sense.!"

Then, I calmed down and looked around, "Wow, what a Wonderful morning it was!! So Bright and Beautiful, The Sun Rise, that image of the Golden Red Orange and Yellow Sun, still Stands in my eyes, Mother Nature, what a Beauty and Essence you are, and the Sky and Breeze so Chill , Cooling and Calming my Mind, was Such an Immense pleasure and I had one Heavenly moment when Finally I noticed a Share auto coming and boarded it and  Continued my Journey towards Home.

So when we start to Watch our Fears without Judging ourselves we connect to our Inner Reality which is So beautiful, so Calm and Peaceful, It was a great Start and I Thank my Shift for Finally this is my 1st year I've been awake totally for MahaShivaRathri, "OM NAMAH SHIVAYA" "I Bow to The Divinity Inside me" . Overall, Overcoming my Fears and Seeping into Reality is Such a Beautiful Experience, I wish all Humans Find that inner peace and Reflect that Inner Joy to the world around them and make this World a Kind, Happy, Peaceful, Joyous World to Live In.

Once again, Happy Women's Day to all the Brave , Beautiful and Lovely Women of this World and Good Day wishes to all the Loving , Caring and Supporting men in this World.

Lets Make ourselves Better and also make this World the Best place to Live in. Lets live not just Exist :)