Friday, 18 February 2011


This book has recently taken some of my time amidst my busy schedule!! "Five Point Someone" by Chetan Bhagat is a book on wat "Not to Do in IIT". It talks about the lives of 3 students who with great difficulties reach the doorsteps of  'The IIT' with great pride only to end up as "5 Pointers!!" The Bollywood movie "3 Idiots" is almost a Replica of this book, but the film has its own beauty  just as the book has it own admirable subtle details!

IIT- the Best Institution in India for B.E. & B.Tech courses also aims at doing  nothing but having BRAIN DRAIN as  consequences. This is how the author  starts his story by complaining about    the IIT credit system (probably      because he messed up with his      grades!!!) :P  The story  starts with 3  novice students getting introduced 2    each other in a really weird manner            & its all about the Friendship that  blossoms amongst them during their          4 yrs stay in the campus!! This story  deals more with the human feelings    than the usual $'IIT Mechanical            Mind System'$


'5 Point Someone'  is a mixture of

THE Baddies

  • Bunking Classes

  • Copy Assignments

  • Date the Prof's daughter

  • Steal the question papers to get an 'A'

  • C2D (The author calls it 'Co-Operate 2 Dominate'), where the 6 subjects r split as 2 for each of the 3 (prob 2 get screwed in the other subj.)

  • Attend vivas with vodka to boost u up

THE Goodies

  • The Depth of Friendship

  • Love over Lust

  • Keeping up Responsibilties as a son/daughter

  • Be a human than being a m/c

  • Finally be 'A Master of ur Work, not a Slave'

Overall, this book comments on "Do the Don'ts in the IIT"  & the Pleasure & Pain that comes from it!! The '3 heroes' probably 'The 3 Idiots' of our story 'Hari, Alok & Ryan' do all 'Thillalangadi' probably setting an example on 'How not to live in the IIT'! Overall the book was a Pleasure to Read, let alone the little drawbacks that are suppressed once the climax is read# It is worth a Read!!!

Wednesday, 16 February 2011

POWeR RaNGeRS!!!!!

                          Power Rangers one of my favourite tv programme when I was a Kid, Still inspires many kiddos making them think that "Super heroes" really exist(though this Generation is very sharp not to believe in myths)!!! I used 2 come early from school just to watch "Jack" from "SPD" & "Vida" from "MYSTIC FORCE" perform their fantabulous stunts (They r my fav characters), ofcourse They Obviously needed their TEAM support!

How I Always wanted 2 be a Power Ranger when I was a Kid, but then I realised

BEING A POWER RANGER doesn't jus need Colourful Dresses and Superficial Powers, It jus that You NEED 2 Be


We could All be Power Rangers doing our Duties Humbly & being Brave & Helping others Without Xpectin anything in Return$