Sunday, 14 August 2011


                                  There was once a kiddo named Cecilinia, this kid was so attached to Big Momma. She loved Big Momma sooooooooo much, but they had never met each other. Whenever she has a problem, she spoke to Big Momma & Big Momma never let the child down.
                     Cecilinia was told by her parents that if she did her duty with love & passion into it Big Momma would one fine day come & meet her. Cecilinia while she was a kid, always got high ranks & was a Brilliant Student academically & was also a good sportsman. She was an All-Rounder! Her teachers praised her for her determination & hardwork.
                     She completed her schooling with distinction & went to a good College for her higher studies. As a child Cecilinia wanted to be a teacher, but then as she grew older she wanted to be a sportsman & do something for her Nation. But she realised when she stepped into college that Sports was not her cup of tea. Then she fell in love with a guy, it was the First time & she was a person who never believed in 'Love at First Sight', so she just shouted at Big Momma not knowing what to do. Big Momma just told her to follow her heart.

                    Cecilinia then overcame her love for the guy & moved ahead with her studies. Now she wanted to enter a core company & achieve something. Just as she dreamt she got placed in a core company & came to a high position in 5 years time. But then though she was now full of technology & the highest position in her company she wanted to make a difference in the world. So wanted to do something of her life, rather than just being a normal human being. After all how many lifes do we get???

                     The young woman understood that she can't just be a 'Jack of all Trades & Master of None', she had to choose her path. She wanted to make a difference in the society so she chose to become an IAS. She worked very hard & finally made it. She made a difference in the society in about a 10 years time. Now she was 35. But now she didn't want to be an IAS anymore!!!

                      She wanted some adventure, she had saved enough money to go around the world. She went all around the world, went Trekking, participated in 'Tour the France', learnt Horse-riding, learnt Skating & played Basketball with the NBA & just Enjoyed her life. Then she returned to her motherland full of adventures. She was now 38. Her parents were worried since she never got married. But she could never forget her First love. She now returned to her First ambition. She became a teacher.

                       She served as a teacher & had a own unique style in training her students. Her students loved her. She became one with them as she was always young at heart. At 48, she gave up teaching & started her own school. She provided free Education to the poor & then settled doing Social Service. At the age of 63 She finally met Big Momma. In her busy schedule she forgot to go behind Big Momma, & when her journey got completed Big Momma Herself came to Cecilinia.

                       From the story, Big Momma is our creator 'God-The Almighty' & Cecilinia is just you & me. We are not slaves to work for the world. We are here to make a difference. We have to Follow our dreams. We can't all be Masters, we've got to be crew. All of us our equal, but All of us are not same. We are not here to compare or run behind things. We are here to control & conquer the World. God created us as masters. We have to work with Freedom inspired by Love. Work is Worship. Follow our dreams. Live & Cherish the Moment. For we never know what happens next!!! Live, Love & Learn. Live your Life to the Fullest. Happy Living :)