Friday, 4 February 2011

Time for Worrying is Over!!!

Like it is said,

Life is 1% Inspiration & 99% PERSPIRATION.

So What I'm saying is,

"You can't live Life in a Day, so Live it Day by Day"

Enjoy every moment &


Life is not a Tempest

Nor a Midsummer Night's Dream

Its a Comedy of Errors

So Take it As You Like It

courtesy(childhood friend) <3

Tuesday, 1 February 2011


2 months ago,there was a friend of mine, her name being Tina, who was very upset abt her sudden transition from becoming a high school gal to a 'college gal'. I jus asked her, "Hey thr Tina, Howz ur new lyf(col) goin ON!!" I indeed asked her with so much eXpectations!

And she was like,"OMG! Its horrible, Don't ask me abt it#"

I was like, "Y!!!Isn't it time to be enjoyin n ur like!!!!"

"Enjoying! U woudn't say dat if u were in my place. My school was so Heavenly. There was so much fun, love n affection. It was my 2nd Home! But this isn't!! I had multiple roles to play thr, 'As a student, leader, sportsman', n so much more! Here its All just ' Studying'% If u think I'm Blowing my own Trumpet, No I'm not. This is how I feel, Totally screwed up! (No games, No cutting classes) n wats more they cal it a College!"so sayin she broke up with a thud!

What am I to say to such a gal whose just moved into Real life and starting with it All so Negatively! If I say,"I know how you feel" (like many others do at such situations), I'm sure I'm gonna be lying. So I decided to tell her the Universal Truth,"Life has to go ON dear, Keep moving fwd with a Hope for the Better or indeed Best!"

And now after two months, she called me around sometime yesterday, sayin, "I know my college is not gonna be my school. Things have taken a turn n so Have I! I'm egttin used to it! n U knw wat, Things & People aren't  bad as I thought! n Thanks for ur advice-'LIFE HaS 2 Go ON', I'll Keep Movin Fwd, Tc, Bye."

And Here's to All the 1st year students, Take Life Positive. School Life is just a Brush-through. Now is where ur Real life Starts