Friday, 21 March 2014

Thursday, 20 March 2014

My new Purse, Perhaps my 1st Purse ;)

This is the 1st time I'm gonna use a Purse!!! I usually don't use purses, only Wallets, cause they are more convenient & handy to use & purses generally seemed too sissy to me. This is the 1st time I'm gonna use a purse.
This Purse is a gift to me from my bro. Thanks bro :) Its really cool. I've decorated the purse with all the stickers possible. And every time I see it, it looks beautiful , even better than the last time I saw it. Full of BasketBall stickers & Smileys.
Have a look :P

                                                     Lovely Purse, Thank u so much bro :)

The material is also really kinda awesome. It suits my needs & I think purses are not that bad to use, especially when they are designed with Stickers ;)

Awesome Day :)

                Today I had my Robotics Model Exam. For the 1st time, I tried writing with my eyes closed!!
And to my utter amazement , the hand-writing came out so well!! Even better than writing with open eyes! It was so much fun trying to visualize with closed eyes & writing & even drawing flowcharts. I loved it.

And back home, I'm Blessed :) Starting from my lunch till dinner, all my favourite stuffs, one by one.
The lunch Tomoto rice made in briyani manner with egg & Pachidi, den grapes, chocolates ( Toblorones Fruit & nut - thanks to my bro for that ), followed by puffs (my mom is so amazing) , & both my dad & mom had bought groundnuts! Mom boiled the groundnuts just the way I like them & they were amazing!!!
Just the water & salt content , just the way I love it :)

And finally, Yellow Melon, OMG  I forgot the watermelon inbetween, that was amazing 2 :D
Yeah, coming to the yellow melon, just the best thing for summer. chilled yellow melon served in a beautiful bowl.Just the way I like. Wow what a day, One of the Best days ever, Heavenly :)

                                                              Cute Bowl, Very Pretty
The very bowl itself makes me Happy :)

My mom is again calling me to eat, I don't think I could stuff in any more, but gonna try something light ;)
Have a Happy Night :)

Monday, 17 March 2014

My Sweet Athai's Sweetest Jamuns :)

I wonder how she does it!!! Its amazing. The taste of it, the Texture, the sweetness, hmmmmmm... Finger licking!!!
My athai's Gulab Jamuns :) I can keep stuffing more & more of it & I'm never tired of it :) I just love it:D

Thank u so much for this gift :) I'm still licking my fingers ;) I'm sure I'm gonna learn some day how to make jamuns so wonderfully well from u athai , be prepared ;)