Friday, 28 February 2014

Kalam innum Nalla Kalamdam ;)

Tired from my mrn practice , I got ready for my Kungfu classes at 6 pm, had left my cycle on the platform outside my house thinking for sure I'd be going for my class!Since I felt very tired I fell asleep forgot everything else & just got up for dinner & slept again.
My Dad asking for my cycle key, "Its on my table pa", & again rolling on the sofa. My dad, suddenly, shocked coming & telling me, "ur cycle is not in the house!" Just coming to my memory, "OMG, I left it on the platform outside last evening, irukumantu vera theriyalaye! ayyaiyo!", Ezhundu ore odu, vella poi pakaran, Platformla Cycle ah kanum! Mindvoice, "Sethan, appa avladan, iniku Deepavalli dana! Pochu po", apdiye opposite side oru look! Ethir platform la patha en cycle, andha Cycle ah vanguna naala vida innum solla mudiyadha oru Sandosham :D "Happada, Appa kitendhu Escape ah, Super, yaru andha mavarasano, Nalla Irukatum",Seriously, when people are so careful they tend to lose things. But me inspite of being careless, I'm really lucky to have not lost my cycle! Whoever kept my cycle with so much care on a safe end of the road without letting it be lost, I'm really Grateful from the bottom of my Heart for such a wonderful Blessing in disguise to me. Whoever u r, God Bless ur Soul. Thank u so Much .

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  1. Indha cycle a thirudina avanuku thirudan endra pattam poidum nu nenachirupaano! :D