Friday, 4 March 2011


After  having  browsed  through  our  generation  writings,  it  was  a  great  change  going  through  one  of  the  Best  19th  century readers  P.G.Wodehouse!! He's got a fascinating writing style & it was great fun & I loved it$


  • Galahad Threepwood (Gally)                   

  • Lady Constance (Connie)

  • Penny Donaldson

  • Jerry Vail

  • Lord Emsworth

  • Maudie (Mrs.Burnsnbury)

  • Lord Vosper

  • Gloria Salt

  • Sebastian Beach the Butler

  • Sir Gregory Parsloe

  • Binstead

  • George Cyril Wellbeloved

  • The Empress (Lord Emsworth's Pig)

  • Queen of Matchingham (Sir Gregory's Pig)


This story is all about the Pig contests that used to be famous in the olden days. The story revolves around the 2 Families, The "Emsworth" family of  Blandings Castle & The "Parsloes" of  The Matchingham Hall. It goes about like this. The "Empress" has been the winner of the conquest for the past 2 years. But, Sir Gregory Parsloe who's been the runner now imports "The Queen of Matchingham" & Challenges Lord Emsworth about his assured Victory the present year.

So the story is all about how Galahad steals Gregory of his pig & how Gregory retaliates to it & finally everything ends well for the Emsworth Family. In between this pig story there is many a love stories that go on in the Blandings Castle between,

  • 'Penny Donaldson'  of the Royal Family & 'Jerry Vail' an author who is yet to make his Fortunes.

  • 'Gloria Salt' a tennis player & 'Lord Vosper' a tennis player & also engaged to Penny Donaldson.

  • 'Maudie' a widower & X-Lover of Gregory  & 'Gregory Parsloe' who was engaged with Glorai Salt.

Thus, the story is all about how these 3 pairs confirm their soul-mates after going through a series of tests  & difficulties & finally find their Right Match.

  • Lady Constance is a woman who expects things to be speck & clean. (Trying to Rule & Guide the Family)

  • Galahad a person of Extra-ordinary temperament & an Extrovert readily solves all problems & finds loopholes to convince Connie.

  • Lord Emsworth - a widower, fond of Pigs & thinks of nothing as life but winning the Contest year after year with "The Empress".

  • Beach, Wellbeloved & Binstead - butler of the 2 Royal families who play a very great part in the stealing & replacement of the pigs (esp. the former 2) along with Galahad who's the plan-maker.

Thus, that makes an overall gist about the story of how finally the 'Made for Each other' gets 2gether inspite of all difficulties & how the Best Truimphs in the end. #A story when read is Enjoyable not because of the contents but of its way oof writing# But not an Excellent Finishing! Otherwise Worth a Read or 2!!!!