Wednesday, 12 March 2014

BasketBall (Love u a lot Baby)

Dear Universe,
One of the Best games I've ever played in my Life . The years spent on the court with the Ball in my hand & with my team mates around me, the Bestest part of my life. I've cursed myself many times for not becoming a state level player, for missing the opportunity due to panic exactly at the spot when I had to take a layup, for missing that opportunity to go up one level in the Game that I loved.
That pain just lingers in my heart & there isn't a day I forget to think about the game! I have no idea what made me so close to it. Maybe I did not make it to the States, but still I loved every moment spent on the court, I loved every lesson the Practice sessions & the tournament taught me. When I think of those moments there is still a lot of pain in my heart, still a big blockage, still a repent for the Opportunity I missed, I want to change all that this moment.
Even though I missed a Big opportunity I'm still thankful to the Lord above for giving me the opportunity to be who I am.
I accept myself with all my failures.
I forgive myself completely for missing the opportunity.
I'm not punishing myself for the bad times anymore.
Nevertheless, I accept the fact that I love the game, I loved the feel I used to have when on the court. Just this minute, I'm thankful that the game has passed by me.
I was not born with the game, neither am I gonna die with it. I am I with or without the game & I accept that Truth from the bottom of my heart.
Thanks a lot to the Universe for listening.

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