Wednesday, 26 February 2014

To Parents & Teachers & all Elders.

Dearest Parents, Teachers & all Elders, 
Sometimes I just wonder, When i was a Child I had no Restrictions! Anything & Everything I was ready to do & Move on. But at some point, I just started feeling this pain in my Heart, the feeling of fear. Cause When I did things with so much Enthusiasm, most times I was hurt. And I have no idea y I took things so personally, but still, don't do this, don't do that, wait a minute! Just because I'm small & just because ur physically Big does it mean Everything u say has to be Accepted!!! U guys were once small too!!! How could u guys forget the way u came from. How could u guys forget the Source!!
U don't do a thing cause u know why not to do it, if that is so, y don't u guys guide us & explain & make us see the point & stand up for our own selves & make a decision rather than just holding on to ur points which is being pretty meaningless to us. We are not disrespecting u guys, we just need a purpose, we just need  a reason, just to figure out things for our own selves rather than following things blindly. Cause we are Humans. Just because a Machine listens to u without Questioning u , doesn't mean we r gonna be the same.
Take one step towards us with Love, we have more than enough Gratitude in our hearts to Express than u guys could ever Imagine.

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  1. Lovely Post!
    I feel we are in the transition phase!
    The transition between finding truth beyond words and living a life than just passing away by just surviving!
    The need to be among the fittest is not what we want, we want a self to become selfless! :)
    This transition is slowly happening and we are the generations tangled in the struggle between seeing parents with love than following timely rules set by them and see the need of it being very old for the times because of its unclear explanation! The transition happens for a nation too after its freedom from others ruling it, similarly it happens for every individual! :)