Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Ht of Craziness!!!

Had a gr8 day with my Dad, Went to a Sweet Shop, had my Favorite Jeera Sweets, Chola Poori & bought Channa Masala for my Mom back home, & Kalakhand for myself. On our way back home, a decorated cow came towards us!! Remembering it was "Mattu Pongal" Wished the cow "Happy Mattu Pongal" , yeah It was Fun :D Guess the cow wanted to wish me back! Came Moo towards me, One Jump on the nearby platform & Escape! Its ok baby, I understand ur wishes , Thank u so much, no way I'm getting hit by u ;)
The cow was such a beauty. Usually all cows don't mutify, but I guess this one had just escaped from its owner , & I had interrupted. Goodness I Escaped! But still the way it came to hit me, it was very cute! Anyways, "Happy Mattu Pongal to All :)"


  1. oh come on! Now that's what's called Love! And you just missed a lover girl/boy!! :P