Saturday, 8 March 2014


To all the Dearest of the Dears, to all the most beautiful woman who are beautiful on the inner side,
Wish u all a Very Happy Woman's Day :)
Today is a day to cherish & be proud that we have been created by God as woman :)
Like Subramaniya Bharthiyar had said,
" Mangaiyaraga Pirapadarku Nalla Madhavam Seithida Vendumada "
As a small girl, I've always been a hyper-active person & have always wanted to be a boy. Sometimes I've even felt irritated to be a girl. Especially when we are continuously warned to be careful & over protective! Sometimes its like, "OMG whats there in us, why r v watched like v r gonna be eaten by some people. Don't such people have sense! Oh! How I wish I was a boy!"
I've heard this voice in my mind many times! Then finally one day I questioned my Kungfu Master,
Me: Master, Why the hell had God created me to be a woman, I'm fed up with it!
Master: U must be ashamed of urself to post such a question. Being a woman is such a privilege. There are many men who are brave, but there is only 1 Jhansi Rani. God creates each one for who they are for a reason. To fulfill a destined purpose on Earth. Be Thankful for who u r.
That day changed my thought of being regretful about being a woman. I realized how I had wasted my years by not being thankful for who I am. From then on, I've always been grateful & have started seeing the advantages of being a woman. I've started accepting myself for who I am :)
Now a days, there are many threats being posed on women. Rapes, Molestations. Its been going on for years. Many of us have felt pity for the victims. But what actions have we taken to overcome this situation. We don't all have to become great warriors. But there is no use being afraid & crying anymore. Its time for us to come out of our cosy places & stand up with guts & change the society's point of view on women.
There are so many ways by which we can change this fixed dimension of thinking.
MARTIAL ARTS  & SELF DEFENCE coursed are one of the Best ways. 
We don't all have to be Jackie Chans to defend ourselves from people who attack us. We just have to be calm & Ready to face such a situation & overcome it with pride teaching the crap of the man with such bullshit ideas that we are no longer going to be their victims, that we are capable of standing for our own selves & also for those around us & make this society a place which is safe & calm to live in.
So all the woman out there, lets all take a Resolution on this Woman's Day, That this society has to change its narrow minded view on woman being tender & weaker sex & easily taken advantage of. Its no longer going to happen. Woman have equal freedom as much as men do. We have the right to walk freely on the road without crap thoughts & be fearless & happy to be Respected as a woman as much as men walk with freedom.

Women who are interested in making their life better & to start living a Happy & Fear free life are welcome to join me on ,

Wish u all a Happy & Freedom filled Life in the years to come :)

Friday, 7 March 2014

A good quote to be followed :)


My Recent Paintings :)

Loved painting each one of these :) Thank u God for giving me the time to do one of my favourite act :)

Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Every Day is an Adventure :) ;) :D Lucky me :D

The world is filled with Life & so am I :) Yet another day filled with Love & adventure :)
Having my Internal exams, Got ready usual timing only, but I'm gonna cross the road & my bus just passed me! Last bus for my stopping. Gone it is :( Missed my College Bus! Thank God, had my Breakfast.
What shall I do???
MTC dan!!!
Kaila nil amt!
veetuku poitu vara mudiyadhu!!!
Thank God pakathula therinja thatha irukanga, Thatha pethiku 30Rs kadan pls. Nalla vela , thatha irundaru, got a 30Rs from him & took a share auto to Porur.
20Rs left!
Gotta reach College!
Thinking of a way!!!
Kadavul attum SVCE bus. Driver anna nan avanga college ponnuntu ninaichu pathar. Nanum pathan. Ok, On the way danantu yeriten. Yeritu,
Nan,  "Anna Panimalar college na",
Avaru, "Yenma Bus varala?"
Nan, "Late ayiduchu na"
Avaru, "Paravalama ukkaru"
Deivame, I felt really lucky!!! Thank God, if not for him I would not have been able to attend my exam on time today!
Thanks to his big heart, I was able to reach my college on time.
Reached College, Studied nothing!!!
10 mins left for the Exam.
I knew only 2 theory & 2 problems.
Next on my Thank u list, Varthini, my class friend :)
2 marks yellathuyum apdiye oru browse, mre 2 problems stuffing into my brains.
Here goes the exam bell ,Trrrrrrrriiiiiiiiiiiinnnggggggggggggggg !!!
Thanks a lot Varthini, because of u I'm sure I'm gonna score well today :)
Entered the exam hall, starting with 2 marks! Attended 8 2marks perfectly. Fulla ukandhu padichirindha kuda ivla nalla ezhudirupanantu theriyala!!! Problems kum solution apdiye takku takkuntu aruvi yattum varudhu! OMG! Its a medical miracle!
Finished my Paper by 10. More 1 hour 15 mins left! Awesome exam! Had so much fun writing it :)
Overall it was a Great day :) Thanks so much to all who helped me today :) Love u all :)

Monday, 3 March 2014

FREEDOM : The Product of TamilNadu Prison

             FREEDOM : Every body has an urge for freedom in their lives. To stand on their own legs, to do what they feel, what makes them Happy. To Love , to Live, to overcome their regrets, to change their Identity.
FREEDOM : The Products of Tamilnadu Prison, the prisoners as of now which is their identity, are trained to make products of their own , Starting from food products such as snack items to chudidhars, dresses & more. This is such an honorable deed, cause people go to prison for rejuvenation, for correcting their deeds, but when they come out the society sees them as a taboo, this FREEDOM is an opportunity to change their identity. So, when they are released, they could start a business on a small scale of their own. This gives them the strength to move on in life & prevents them from going on the wrong track & gives them a good Identity in the Society. Hats off to the Officers of the prison who are responsible for such an idea. This is such an Encouragement to the prisoners, this gives them an Opportunity to re-write their life in a better & beautiful way & make a person out of themselves once again.

Samples of FREEDOM products

So People, lets Encourage these people, & help them live better.
All the Best to the Puzhal Prison for this new journey.