Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Pannaiyarum Padminiyum ;)

                First & foremost I would like to thank the whole crew for giving such a good movie. After a very long time, I really feel Happy & Good after watching a movie. The film is a mixture of everything, It has so much of Love in it!! All dealing with such subtle Human feelings!

 Especially the Love between the two Elderly people, so prettily expressed, so Beautifully expressed, So lovingly Expressed. The Love is Expressed in Such a way that we could just feel the Beauty & Purity of it Tremendously. Wonderful Acting. Everything is so natural & Realistic.
 There is not a Single fake thing I feel about the film, Every bit of it is so human & Realistic.
Its such a Wonder for such a movie to have been taken at this point of time when most films are so unnatural, this film is a very Genuine movie which has given a lot of meaning to the film Industry, & I feel Lucky to have watched this movie.
There was fun, Comedy, Emotions, Romance, Silly & Cute fights, Subtle & Real Heroism, Love beyond Lust.
Overall this movie has made my Day. I feel Lucky, Happy & content & complete with a Movie after a Long time. Thank u Crew for Producing One of the Best Movies .

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  1. :) Worth a watch I guess! Is it on Youtube?