Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Happy April Fool's Day :)

           4 years back on this same day, my Best & I had a gr8 fight! Never in my life have I given up & apologized for a fight. That 1st time, even though the fault was not on me , she was my Best friend & I just let go, I apologized. And that donkey, making me sad for hours & finally telling me, "Happy April Fool's Day, I was just pretending", Idiot. I wonder how I didn't figure that out !

Since then, April 1st has been a memorable day for me. Today, I was fooled by 2 small kids, on my way back home with my cycle, 2 small school kids, "Akka look there somebody is calling u ", 7 I turned to see who that was :P "April Fool", that's what they said. Thanks to those kids for putting a Smile on  my face, it was a pretty Stressful day & I sure needed that.

Happy Fool's Day :) Its never bad to be a fool with those whom u love :P

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