Sunday, 12 February 2012


                               Hi readers, today was a gr8 day & I had so much fun at my cousin's place. Its been long time since we met & todays get-together was so much fun-filled.We were supposed to meet at my cousin's place at 1 p.m. There were certain last minute delays from my family's side(Esp. cause of me ;)) & we reached there only at 3; We also took our pup "Joy" with us, And 2 out of my 3 cousins are afraid of dogs!! So the fun started with teasing them :D
                                Then the Best part- Our LUNCH! It was awesome, Mutton Briyani, Fish Fry, Fish Curry, Crab Fry (Yummy Gravy), & not to let the Half-Boiled Egg, DELICIOUS :P
                                And then the cricket match, the ODI between India & Aus was going, my sis & my cousins all being such crazy fans of the game which is being played by 11 fools, gave me some time to Hit the Sack! (Though they didn't really let me sleep asking me every minute "Who will Win"), So I literally took the position of being a Critic & Predicting "Who will win!" To my amazement my Predictions became True!!! Thala Dhoni hit a last minute 6 & saved the game! Like I said "We WON" :)
                                 Alas as the match got over, the power got cut (Thank God it happened only after the match ended), Now came my favorite  part, we all sat for a game of cards! "BLUFF" My mom & my uncle being new entries to the game, & I thought them both :) So all the  Fortunes were on my side, cause my aunt
wanted to beat me at the game & luckily I sat between both the new comers! The game went in a very Funny manner & I was rolling on the Floor at the End of the Game :D
                                 It was a long since I laughed like that, Then we had to leave by 7, so we bid ourselves goodbyes, thus getting prepared to face the next Busy Week :) Hope The Weekend Comes Soon :D ;) :)