Thursday, 10 April 2014

To the Mango tree next door!!!

Summer is ON,
Winter is gone,
And the next door Mango tree is beaming alive with all its fruits once again,
Oh dear Mango tree,
Every year I see
You growing up & bearing all those ripe mangoes;

I shake your branches for fruits,
You are firmly grounded in your roots,
And that stick with the nail,
Right on your branch!
One pull, and down goes the Fruit.
One thud on the Ground,
With tup & all that Sound!

My dad, bro, uncle, sis & I
Waiting for this time of the year
To get together & Tease you,
To grant us your wishes of Ripe & sweet mangoes.

You grow up so far,
Your mangoes are never Sour.
Your such a companion to me,
Hope you will forever be. 

Dear Mango tree,
Growing next door upto our terrace,
Thank you for all the fruits you bear,
We give our neighbours an equal share,
So this year show me what you've got baby ;)
Love you for all that you are :D


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