Saturday, 22 January 2011

Present Always!!!!!(Part 2)

Indeed every human at one stage of life gets these doubts, If not he's gotta be some alien. Lifelong we search for answers to these Questions.

* Why is that when we are kids we never get such Stupid doubts?

Because thats the only time we really Trust our ownselves, believe our Parents Implicitly, then as we grow we learn from everything and everybody around us,

  • At a certain point everything goes very serene, calm.

  • Whether we have wealth or not, we have Happiness, Peace- which are indeed the two main Essence of life.

  • But then we grow, When we are Kids we'd always want to grow!! want to be Independent.

  • But only after we grow we Realise the Interdependent Society!!

  • We get attached to everything, Money, Luxury, Messed-up relationships, At a certain point When you don't even Trust anybody Around you!! Y not, Indeed you don't even Trust $Yourself$

  • Where's your Inborn Trust? Did you lose it? Did your society make you lose it? OR is it just Hidden and gone to sleep?

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