Thursday, 10 February 2011


A week ago I came by this article, I found it very interesting & just wanted 2 share it!

"Andrea was a lady in her mid 30's returnin from her work from London to Brookbourne. She's been livin in Brookebourne for the past 4 yrs. Its already 11 p.m. & the weather is quite Breezy. Andrea feels cold & lonely.

As she's driving she finds an old lady hitchhiking which she finds very strange at that time of the day. Her loneliness makes her lend a helping hand to the hitchhiker though it is considered Dangerous esp. at late nights!!

The old lady just gets in with a heavy bag & when on inquiry about her where-abouts replies that she is OFF 2 see her old friend in Brookebourne with groceries for he had just had a car breakdown & so she had decided to hitchhike!!

But the OLD LADY speaks from under her hat without facing Andrea in her eyes. Andrea has a suspicious feeling about the stranger & notices that the stranger has 'Hairy arms'. In sometime she realises that the 'Old Lady' was not actually an 'Old lady' but a man!!!!!

She comes up with a Quick plan & pretends to have hit a child and asks the stranger to just check it out. Once the stranger gets OFF the car, she jus raises at high Speed. After having travelled quite some Distance she remembers about the bag and Opens it & SCREAMS!!!!!!





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  1. I liked this story the very first time you told me this!
    Can you put this in just 55 words??