Wednesday, 1 June 2011


                              Cera means Thermal (Heat) &  Gem implies 'the stone' used to produce this heat. Not only the stone but also the people who provide the treatment are pure Gems. In Chennai, Virugambakkam Branch, the Treatment is given for Free. Like they say, 'A Healthy Mind, A Healthy Body'. In this place, they not only provide the treatment for free but also give speeches on Life & Living which make the Listeners very Enthusiastic & Lively. 
                              All through the session, all the Employees are like bright Sunbeams Spreading their Light all Around them :) This is a place where Love is given without any Expectations! 
                              The Treatment goes as follows, there are 15 points where the heat is supplied & each point cures various problems. 

Points and the Benefits
1st Point :- Heals back pain, Knee pain, Kidney stone, Kidney problem, Cholesterol, Skin problem, Arthritis, Disc Problem, Balance Ability, Strength & Stamina, Blood circulation, Blood Production
2nd Point :- Heals Stomach Problems, Ulcer, hernia , Appendices, Intestine Problems , Gas Problem & Weight reduction.
3rd Point :- Heals Diabetes, Gall bladder stone, Liver problem, Jaundice
4th Point :- Heals Wheezing problem, Asthma, TB, Breathing problem ,bronchitis problem
5th Point :- Heals Heart Problem, Vein Problem
6th Point :- Heals Shoulder Pain, High Blood Pressure, Low Blood Pressure
7th Point :- Heals Shoulder pain, Hand numbness, Hand blood circulation
8th Point :- Heals ENT Problems, Sinus , Thyroid, Brain Cells growth, memory power, Head ache, eye pressure
9th Point :- Same as 1st Point
10th Point :- Heals Knee pain, Foot burning, Foot Pain, numbness, weak leg nerves
11th Point :- Heals Prostrate Gland, Testis ,Ovaries, urine infection, urinary bladder problem
12th Point :- Heals Piles ,Fistula , Back problems, Constipation, Prostate Gland
13th Point :- Same as 3rd Point
14th Point :- Same as 2nd Point
15th Point :- Heals abdominal problems, ulcer, Uterus, Irregular menses, white discharge & itching problems.

Address of the Branch at Virugambakkam, Chennai (India):
No.1, Boopathy St, Virugambakkam,
Opp. Market Bus stop & Petrol Bunk,
Chennai - 600092.


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