Wednesday, 16 February 2011

POWeR RaNGeRS!!!!!

                          Power Rangers one of my favourite tv programme when I was a Kid, Still inspires many kiddos making them think that "Super heroes" really exist(though this Generation is very sharp not to believe in myths)!!! I used 2 come early from school just to watch "Jack" from "SPD" & "Vida" from "MYSTIC FORCE" perform their fantabulous stunts (They r my fav characters), ofcourse They Obviously needed their TEAM support!

How I Always wanted 2 be a Power Ranger when I was a Kid, but then I realised

BEING A POWER RANGER doesn't jus need Colourful Dresses and Superficial Powers, It jus that You NEED 2 Be


We could All be Power Rangers doing our Duties Humbly & being Brave & Helping others Without Xpectin anything in Return$