Saturday, 22 January 2011

Present Always!!!!!!(Part 1)

A canto which I very much try to abide by....,

Trust No Future However Pleasant

Let the Dead Past bury Its Head

Act, Act in the Living Present

Heart within, & GOD overhead!!!

Indeed these words are very echt, why must we trust some unknown Future which is never gonna belong to us. Can't we just believe our present & move #ON# Especially this Teenage, for everything you get doubts,

  • What's the purpose of my LIFE?

  • What is Life?

  • Am I being Good?

  • Am I being Selfish or is it the people around me????

  • Have I changed or is it the World Around!!!

This is Ofcourse just a sample of Questions that arise, There are Ennumerable Questions yet unanswered!!!!

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