Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Mystery World!!!

Rules! Rules! Rules!
Those who sincerely follow,
Get Deep down into hollow!!
Those who Break,
Are not Considered Fake!!
Those who follow for the sake,
Are not Awake!
Those who really wake,
Follow you for the sake!!!

Read it more than Once ;)



  1. U follow no Rules!
    They think you are a fool!

    U break!
    They freak!

    U care!
    They just say you dont dare! :P

    Wat should we really do?
    You n I know! :P

  2. ur poem is good ;) ya in a way ur right, but u dint quite get my poem in the right sense!

  3. Hee hee!!
    That's d reason I wrote something that I know! :P

  4. If u follow all rules u'll miss the fun ;)