Saturday, 29 January 2011

Mind Mass!!!

Did You Know!!!

You need to TRUST your Brain for it to Work!! Believe it or not Our Brain is Innumerable Times Powerful than the Computer we Trust!

This is not a Joke! Our Brain is Capable of Storing 10,000 times(even more) information than a computer! Ofcourse your doubt would be 'Whether it can Reproduce it'. Ofcourse it is Capable of that too! Our Brains can Reproduce the Information we Store even Quicker than a computer 'Provided' We TRAIN it Well!

In the Rising times, everybody is behind a Calculator even for simple calculations!!! "Mind Power" is the Best of God's Creations! If only a Human could Master His Brains, he is also capable of mastering the World!!!

A perfect Eg. for miracles of Mind Power would be "The Edward Hughes Story"!!!!

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