Monday, 30 May 2011

Timely Help!!!

                       What are words!!! #Anybody can speak# 'I can do this, I can do that', What's the use?? Only in the hour when we need help, we realize who are True pals are!!

                        I had a similar incident which made me realize my who my True pals are... It happened in my 11th grade. Until my 10th, I was almost always a Success in everything I tried. I even got the 'Best Student Award' in my 10th. But I missed the school 1st in my 10th. That was the beginning of my Depression.

                       In my 11th, we had many new entries in our school. I felt totally out of place. Then one day I completely broke down, Cried my heart out sitting in my school Chapel, that's when I realized the meaning of 'True Friendship', one of my Friend 'Ragavi' tracked me to the Chapel & gave me her piece of her mind. That minute of my life, I realized the value of Friendship, the True essence of Love.

                      Ever since that minute Rags has not only been my Best Friend but also my Well Wisher. Today we are in different colleges doing different courses but our Friendship Will Never Die :)

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