Sunday, 26 July 2015

4Lssssssss :)

                                 Happiness is in Spending Time with the people you Love. Its when People Understand your needs and your Nature without you having to Explain it to them. Sometimes we try really very hard to speak to some people, but we can never talk anything valid even though we try a hell number of times. But there are times when we meet some people in our lives, and once they enter, your life is never the same again, there is so much flow and Love in your words  that you dont have to even think in order to speak to them. Words just flow and its like you've known that person for years. And all of a Sudden your Life is in Perfect Syn again. Love is a Beautiful Feeling. Never miss it in Life.
We Humans are ok with Loving animals, things but we Hesitate a lot when it comes to Loving Humans and we behave like machines to each other. Please lets not to do it anymore. If there is anything in this World that is bigger than Everything else, anything that is worth Living or Dying for, its nothing else Except LOVE.

Live, Love, Learn, Laugh :D :)

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