Tuesday, 15 October 2013

College Final Year

      All these days I"ve been thinking it was a waste of time going to my college. Cause I hate my college. "Panimalar Engg College", another name for Hell. That's what my college ahs meant all these days to me!!
But now being in Final Year, I think I've got into one of the Best Colleges in Chennai. A place where I learnt my own Strengths & Weaknesses. Today I'm grateful I entered this College.

The Positives in my College:
 1) The efforts my staff put in is beyond words.
 2) Their Technical Knowledge is pretty high.
 3) The Lecture notes produced is Brilliantly helpful.

The Negatives in my College:
1) The Environment in the 1st year is very difficult to survive, but as time goes on it gets better.
2) For all the efforts u'll put in my dear staff, it would be great if we could understand what u'll are speaking. Until my 3rd year Engg was Greek & Latin to me.
3) The spoon-feeding is unbearable, it would be better to create innovative students for future than just concentrating on the marks.  

Overall, the place has given me good culture & good Experience & it has also thought me the importance of Rules.

For the Good & the bad,
That I have had,
For the last 4 years,
With my peers,
I thank my college from the bottom of my heart & the Almighty for making this college a part of my Destiny.

With Love,

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