Saturday, 14 July 2012


                      Who are v to blame? The Society or The Individual?? They say that, more than the person eho fools others, its the person who is Fooled is to be Blamed! In our Society our people just Accept! Accept that somebody in some place has been Robbed, Somebody has been Kidnapped, Somebody has been abused! We read such news, & either pray to God, or fear the Society or Blame the Society!
                       WHO IS THE SOCIETY??? WE R THE SOCIETY! In this Generation Everything has become for TRP Rating! Even the Press (My personal opinion), which was once Established to create awareness, now has become something that shines on TRP Rating!
                       As for Politics!!! Its a Sakadai!!! Who are the people Ruling us, Learned people or atleast people who care for us? NO! People who have raped, people who have Gundas, people who want to earn earn earn not only for them but for their next 10 Generations & still can't be content with it!
                       INDIA A DEMOCRATIC COUNTRY! Atleast that's what they thought me in my 7th std History! A Nation For the people, Of the people & By the people! Then I was a kid, I blindly believed that my Nation will take care of me, I blindly believed Everything I read! I believed my Teachers, I believed! But now MY BELIEF IS AT STAKE!
                       Recently also I read a news, A girl raped by 12 men , 5 of them caught & rest 7 Escaped, If our Government has proper rules will there be Cases like this? And what about Prostitution - it has become a part of every film! Every film has atleast one scene of all these ugly aspects of our society! They call it awareness! For big people its awareness! But for Children who grow up watching the present day media, its no awareness until their parents guide them! Today's parents spend no time in guiding their children! They are so busy with their own work & though it is true that they are working for their children only, children if not influenced by parents, get influenced by Society, today's Society is of no Good Influence to the Children of this Generation! Its the films which mostly influence them, so naturally they speak rubbish, have no respect for Elders & go on for Worldly pleasures! When grown up people so damn get a fascination to do bad things so easily, who are kids! A spark is enough for them! They have to be trained from young, not with stupid advices , but with Role-Modelistic Living!
                     We have taken all the Bad things happening to us lying down! We have always waited for God to come and help us! Who is God? WE HUMANS WHEN WE THINK OF OTHERS & PUT OUR EMOTIONS UNDER THE PURPOSE WE BECOME GOD FOR SOMEBODY! God is not going to come directly & help us! Its us who have to stand for our Rights! Why must we put up with something that makes us think every night without letting us sleep peacefully! Its time to Change the World we live in!

                         LIFE IS 1% HOW WE TAKE IT & 99% WHAT WE MAKE IT!

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