Sunday, 22 April 2012

Love & Relationships!!

   The most beautiful thing in this world, LOVE & RELATIONSHIPS :) How beautiful it is to care & have someone to care for us! Its a WOW feeling! Ofcourse with love comes pain, but true relationships never die!

   How good it is to have a loving Mother <3
   The care & affection that exists in her scoldings!
   And to have a Military Perfection expecting Dad,
   But the Love & Trust he shows in his scowls ain't bad!

   Who else can we play WWF with,
    If not our SIBLINGS!
    They are the ones with us,
    Right from the times of our Scribblings.
    Elder or Younger, time flies when we all get together!
    Who else could  I emphasize here, but my cousins!
    All our worries just vanish,
    In the happiness that comes out of our mockeries!

    Its these relationships that split our sorrows to pieces,
    And triple our joys & make us realize the meaning of true love!
    I love these people & no ego could split us anymore,
    For joys & sorrows that we are to share is many more!
    P.S: Dedicated to my Family of 4, my cousins & reltives :)